It’s Okay To Be Angry Right Now

Feel what you feel.

Times are tough.

We’re in the middle of a global epidemic (that has affected over 1 million people in the U.S. alone) that has touched people physically, mentally and financially. Industries are trying to adjust to primarily virtual experiences, while individual businesses, especially small ones, are collapsing. Citizens are becoming increasingly aware of the disconnect in government in regards to the crisis response. Police killings and the murders of innocent Black people persist. To make matters worse, people are afraid to express the anger they feel, because in our society, happiness is perceived as more valuable.

Emotions aren’t nearly as simple as we’d like for them to be. Sometimes they’re conflicting and downright inconvenient. Just when you think you’ve gotten through a chunk of the day with your peace intact, here comes fury, ripping through your body with no regard for your mental solace. But always remember that feelings exist to be honored, not stifled.

The first step in moving forward is allowing yourself to be angry. Deeply feel all of the built-up tension that came from opportunities nixed by the COVID-19 outbreak. Become one with feelings of anguish that are connected to the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Sean Reed and Breonna Taylor.

You don’t have to deny yourself anger right now. It’s yours to feel.

Honoring your anger isn’t a waste of time either. Sometimes, anger grips you and forces you to act. It’s a wake-up call and a reminder of what you truly care about. As anger simmers, you’re moved to write, protest, connect and devise ways to create change in your community. You feel motivated to positively act in a way that you wouldn’t have had it not been for your passion.

Such is the beauty of anger.

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