Girls United is the premier destination for young Black women who are interested in fostering a digital community. Together, we will learn about culture, entertainment, entrepreneurship, relationships, politics and more.


Behind The Magic Series: Jasmine Weber is an artist and a writer with a passion for discovering black art and paying homage to some of her artistic influences such as Betye Saar and Lorna Simpson.


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Girls United Channels


Flossy is for our creative homegirls who use their talents to make the world a better place.

Get Lit

Get Lit is for folks who need easily digestible details on understanding the world around them.


Flawless gets into all things inner and outer beauty.


Bo$$y entails tips for current (and future) entrepreneurs and businesswomen.


Snatched is dedicated to wellness in multiple forms – from traveling and guided meditation, to self care and body positivity.

Get Real

Get Real is honest relationship talk. We’ll get into red flags, coming out stories and serious love lessons.