8 Ways To Connect With Your Boo During The Quarantine

Whether you’re in the house with your loved one, or practicing social distancing, there are a methods to keep the fire going.

Since President Trump declared that we will be effectively quarantined due to COVID-19 until April 30th, those who are in relationships are having to come up with creative ways to keep the fire going in their relationships. But, not everyone has the luxury (or in some cases, slight headache – ha!) of being physically close with their partner. Some people are having to get through this by themselves, while in a relationship.

Twitter user @jazkillz even remarked that Soulja Boy’s 2008 single “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” is more relevant than it’s ever been. “[K]iss me thru the phone” hittin a lil too hard during this quarantine,” she wrote.

But having access to phones and computers are a few of the advantages that technology has granted us. Even if we aren’t able to sit with our significant other in person, we can always hop on a quick FaceTime call and let our boos know that they are loved.

GU came up with two cute lists for couples who want to connect during this time — those who are together, and those who aren’t. Check out our suggestions below.

Play Board Games

It may sound silly or childish, but board games can actually bring you together. It’s a fun way to find out who’s been adhering to house rules during Monopoly, and who’s been playing by the book. If you’re both competitive, this is an opportunity for a little friendly spice.

Conversational Intimacy

This is a time to talk about why you love each other and how you feel that you can strengthen your bond. You can ask each other hard hitting questions, but it may be wise to stray away from hitting sensitive points. Remember, you have to stay with this person for an extended amount of time.


Before all of the quarantine began, the majority of us likely had such intense, hustle and bustle lifestyles. Cooking was probably traded in for takeout long ago.

Due to this, you may not be aware of what dishes your partner likes to make from scratch, what kind of spices they like, or if they prefer their chicken fried instead of baked. Cooking, and eating, are such an intimate experiences, so you

Binge Watching Television Shows/Movies

You can learn a lot about your partner’s sense of humor from watching comedies. A few good ones to watch on Netflix during the quarantine are: Dolemite Is My Name, The Incredible Jessica James, Sextuplets, Scary Movie, and Death at a Funeral.


FaceTiming may seen basic, but it may be the only way you can see your lover during the quarantine. Take advantage of it by thinking of what you’d like to discuss beforehand and checking out their schedule so you don’t call while they’re trying to accomplish a serious task.

If you don’t have an iPhone, you can video chat via Facebook or Instagram.

Send Letters

Sending love letters is a throwback way to show your partner that you’re thinking about them. You can get pretty creative with your calligraphy, the card stock, and the envelope for a personal touch.

If you like art, you can also include some cute drawings.

Recall Positive Memories

A quarantine is probably not the best space to make arguments, as your relationship is in a delicate spot right now. You can spend your time talking about positive memories that you two share. It will make your bond stronger, believe me.

Dress Up For A Virtual Date

Since you can’t go to a fancy dinner, you might as well dress up! Put on your cutest heels (or sneaker heels,) your favorite outfit, beat your face and do your hair. Your significant other won’t be able to keep their eyes off of their screen.

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