5 Key Issues At Stake For Gen Z Voters

We deserve affordable healthcare, solutions to student debt and much more.

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The 2020 election is important to people of all ages across the country, but this is an especially critical time for young people who may be voting for the first time. Over the past four years, and maybe even before then, we’ve become more aware of the political issues that affect us the most. As Election Day draws nearer, it is important to highlight these key stances in hopes that plans for each will be addressed clearly and wisely in the future.

Below is GU’s list of the top five pivotal issues that Gen Zers want security in as they hit the polls this November.

Student Debt Crisis

Though student loans aren’t currently being collected due to the COVID-19 crisis, they are still a major issue for college students and graduates. As of 2019, the average student will have accumulated $30,000 worth of debt by the time they leave college, the stress of which is compounded by the uncertainty of the job market. It is of the utmost importance that we elect a candidate with a solid plan on how to address the mass debt crisis moving forward.

Women’s Rights

With every passing year, it seems that women’s rights are being encroached upon. Most specifically, our bodies, and the choices we make pertaining to them are constantly under intense scrutiny and most times, threatened. We’ve seen states attempt to ban abortion and federal orders to close down Planned Parenthood facilities (which conduct screenings for STDs/STIs, breast exams, pap tests and more.) This shouldn’t be reality. Women deserve to feel safe and have autonomy over their bodies.

Climate Control

Try as some may, there’s no denying the existence of climate change and the role that it’s playing in our lives. According to NASA, the continued effects of it are “more frequent wildfires, longer periods of drought in some regions and an increase in the number, duration and intensity of tropical storms.” Though there are a number of measures that individuals can take from home, there are still changes on the government level that need to be made.


I’ll get straight to it—we need a president who isn’t racist. Racial violence carried out by the state and white supremacists seems to be at an all time high and we can’t currently rely on the justice system for the appropriate sentiments or real change. Additionally, those responsible for the violent acts are facing minimal punishment, which has emboldened others to target Black people as well. This needs to be addressed by the federal government for our sake.


Everyone deserves to be able to go to the doctor and have their needs met. Especially in the wake of the global pandemic, having access to affordable healthcare is paramount. As people turn 26 and realize that they can longer be on their parent’s insurance, it’s a must that they have access to healthcare with a simplistic enrollment process and reasonable monthly rates. This will be on our minds as we hit the polls this election.

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