Tierra Whack Shares Two Singles, “Feel Good” And “Peppers And Onions”

“Why would I lie and say I feel good when I don’t feel good?,” she raps over production by Kenete Simms and J Melodic.

Grammy-nominated artist Tierra Whack has released two new singles, “feel good” and “Peppers and Onions.” This follows another recent drop, “Dora,” which the 25-year-old rapper shared in late October.

For “feel good,” Whack adopts a melody-heavy, somber tone, reflecting this time that has been defined by COVID-19, the presidential election, police brutality and social unrest. During the song’s intro, she poses the rhetorical question, “Why would I lie and say I feel good when I don’t feel good?”

On “Peppers and Onions,” Whack takes a more upbeat approach to similar subject matter, saying that she’s “only human” and “want[s] to be free.”

During a recent conversation with Zane Lowe on Apple Music, the rapper said, “Yeah, we expect everybody to be happy. All these good things were happening for me, but at the same time it was happening so fast I wasn’t able to take it all in.” Thankfully she has since regained her joy after some reflection and it’s been refreshing to see a celebrity be deeply honest about their emotional. ups and downs.

She also spoke on the COVID-19 lockdowns during the interview, saying, “With the quarantine and the lockdown and everything, I just feel like I really needed that time to just be still, sit down, think, reflect. I needed it. I really did need it. Like I said, it was scary, it was a roller coaster.”

Each song was released with illustrations both of which were animated by @PoorMarty.

Two years after her debut album, Whack World, Whack released a string of singles including ‘Gloria,” “Unemployed,” and “CLONES.”

Listen to “feel good” and “Peppers and Onions” below.

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