Cher And Saweetie Are The Iconic Duo We Didn’t Know We Needed

The MAC Cosmetics campaign is titled, “Challenge Accepted”

If it’s one thing that Saweetie is going to do, it’s secure the brand partnership bag. From the Saweetie Meal at McDonald’s and Hidden Valley Crocs to fashion collaborations for Rue21 and PrettyLittleThing, the “Icy” rapper is seen all over the market making her own coin. Last September, Saweetie was dubbed as MAC Cosmetics’ global brand ambassador. Now, she’s starring alongside icon and musician Cher for MAC’s new campaign “Challenge Accepted.”

“It just lets me know that whatever I’m doing, I’m doing it right because the fact that MAC thought of me to be a part of a campaign that is so iconic just means a lot to me,” Saweetie shared in an exclusive interview with InStyle. “So I’m just really grateful, and to share a screen with Cher was so fun. She’s also just full of so much wisdom.”

How does the challenge work, you ask? To participate in the Challenge Accepted campaign, which launched January 4, 2022, customers must put their favorite MAC Cosmetic products to the ultimate test by enduring sweat, water, heat, inclement weather conditions, and pretty much anything else that could possibly make your makeup prove that it can stand the test of time. The global beauty brand always ensures high quality, highly pigmented, transfer-resistant, and waterproof formulas and now’s their chance to prove it. Once you’re done going about your challenging day, head to your social media, take a picture of your flawless face and use the hashtag #MACChallengeAccepted.

In an official statement, Cher noted that her perseverance and tenacity are what made her the legend and icon that she is known to be today. “I was always Cher, but I didn’t have the luxury of makeup, hair, and costumes at four. My stubbornness turned into my mantra. I don’t believe the word ‘no.’ No matter what happened, I never gave up. I couldn’t let it matter what people thought. I’ve been saying ‘Challenge Accepted’ for a millenium.”

“It was obvious that we needed an icon and a legend,” Drew Elliott, senior vice president of global creative director of MAC Cosmetics, stated in a press release. “M·A·C products are built for stars on stage or off, every day and all day. We could not be happier to have Cher and Saweetie put our formulas to the ultimate test, let’s see if you have what it takes.”

When asked by InStyle about the importance of impact, the Icy Girl Gang leader noted that she not only wants to be known for her music such as the widely streamed “Best Friend” and “My Type” bangers, but she wants to be recognized for reaching back and helping other women in the industry. “I’m grateful for the acknowledgment but I also have to accept the challenge of responsibility that comes with it,” she said. “Women are not just iconic because they make good music. They are iconic because they [have] helped and inspired people; they’re leaders. That’s my challenge — challenge accepted.”

In an official statement, Saweetie praised her campaign co-star and the global beauty brand for allowing her to accept the challenge. “I was so honored to partner with a legend like Cher and a brand I’ve always loved like Mac, it was the perfect fit,” read Saweetie’s statement, as reported by Variety. “Cher’s regal energy is so contagious so being alongside her in Challenge Accepted has been an unforgettable experience.”

Watch the official Challenge Accepted campaign below starring Saweetie and Cher on MAC Cosmetics’ YouTube channel:

Photo Credit: MAC Cosmetics

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