Here’s What Black Women Need From The 2020 Election

For #InternationalDayoftheGirl, we’re getting real about voting.

For International Day of the Girl, we’re getting real about voting. The 2020 presidential election in just a few weeks and it’s time for young people to be radically honest about the changes they’d like to see. We can’t expect people to speak up for us in this instance, we have to make our needs known.

For GU’s first virtual summit, actress Sierra Capri gave three young Black women from across the country the chance to talk about what their community wants. Jasmine Williams, a 20-year-old from New Orleans, summed up her desires for government in one word—protection.

“What matters most to me is protection,” Williams said emphatically. “I feel like my city should incorporate a budget that would allow more security for individuals and private property, such as private patrols, security companies or escorts that’s requested by individuals.”

New Orleans is one of the most dangerous cities in the country, and tensions following the the government’s response to Hurricane Katrina have only intensified. It’s worth noting that Williams did not include a stronger police presence, which is in alignment with the fact that during the protests over the summer, officers resorted to using tear gas. Also, questions have recently arisen about a 2019 police chase that resulted in the death of Ronald Greene. With instances of brutality and violence becoming so rampant in the city, it’s only right that Williams seeks to help her area become an easier place to live.

We all deserve to be safe and we also deserve to have access to individuals who will truly make us feel that way. The choices made during, and after the election need to showcase that.

To hear Williams’ full response, as well as the requests from our other guest, watch the clip below.

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