Vitamin G: Are Multiple Glasses Of Wellness Drinks A Day Healthy?

Find out what to know before spending all your coins on new juices

In recent years, wellness drinks have surged in popularity, becoming a staple on social media platforms. Influencers and celebrities glorify their benefits, promising everything from improved energy levels to glowing skin and weight loss. With visually appealing packaging and enticing claims, these beverages have captured the attention of health-conscious consumers seeking quick fixes.

With their vast reach and influential voices, social media platforms have become powerful marketing tools for wellness drink brands, amplifying their presence and driving consumer interest. As a result, these products have infiltrated the feeds of millions, shaping perceptions of health and wellness in the digital age.

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However, amidst the hype surrounding wellness drinks, a concerning trend has emerged – the lack of research and critical evaluation before purchase. Flashy advertisements and testimonials sway many consumers without delving into the scientific validity of these products. Despite claims of natural ingredients and health benefits, the effectiveness and safety of many wellness drinks remain questionable.

As consumers increasingly seek alternatives to traditional beverages in pursuit of wellness, the market for these drinks continues to expand rapidly. Individuals must educate themselves, scrutinize ingredient lists, and consult reliable sources before investing in these products. Girls United spoke with Holistic Therapist Rikki McCoy about what to know before purchasing new wellness drinks based on social media.

Pay Attention To Risks

When starting your fitness and wellness journey, it can be easy to fall into the trap of wanting every item promoted on social media. “Too much of something can negatively impact our mental health and wellness,” McCoy tells GU. It’s important to pay attention to the risks when consuming multiple drinks for the sake of a new health routine. “Some of the physical side effects of consuming multiple wellness drinks a day include nausea, diarrhea, stomach cramps, dizziness, appetite loss, and excessive thirst,” she says. “The mental health side effects include psychological distress, poor sleep hygiene, symptoms of depression and anxiety.”

Focus On What Your Body Needs

With social media moving quickly, we’re overstimulated with lifestyle content and seeing some of our favorite influencers share their wellness routines. Still, everyone’s body is different and processes things at a unique pace, so we must be aware of the nutrients the body needs. “Processing multiple wellness drinks is more difficult than consuming one at a time,” she says. “The body absorbs wellness drinks like it does food and other drinks. A few factors to consider in wellness drink consumption are gut health, medications if applicable, and other foods and drinks consumed during that day.”

Beware Of Overhydration

Yes, consuming too many drinks catered toward wellness can create bodily complications. “Overhydration occurs when our electrolytes are out of balance,” she says. “Balanced electrolytes help us maintain healthy blood, heart rhythm, and muscle function. Overhydration can cause sodium levels to drop, resulting in deadly nerve and heart issues. It can also impact our ability to focus, get things done, and show up as our full selves due to its impact on our mental health.”

Consult With Experts Before Turning To Social Media

Although influencers are entering various avenues, getting advice from licensed professionals is essential. According to McCoy, there needs to be more transparency between social media and medical experts. “It is recommended that you speak with your healthcare provider to determine which wellness drinks may benefit you and your body’s needs, as you may have certain physical and mental health conditions to be mindful of,” she says. While we live in a busy world and may not have time to prepare a balanced meal, it is recommended that we don’t consume more than one wellness drink daily.”

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