8 Fashion Essentials To Thrift For Spring

Shop sustainably when pulling together your wardrobe for next season

Spring exudes a delicate sense of ease and rejuvenation as we bid farewell to chilly temperatures and anticipate the warmth of summer. The sun shines brightly, flowers burst into bloom, and the outdoors are inviting.

With this enchanting season just around the corner, it’s essential to ensure our wardrobes seamlessly transition to embrace the spirit of spring. Prioritize sustainable shopping practices as you prepare for the season ahead.

GU has curated a guide to navigating your local thrift store and uncovering essential spring staples.

Midi Skirt 

Cop a knee-length skirt that gracefully flows in the breeze as you take a hot girl walk. Whether adorned in vibrant florals or crafted from airy mesh with a slip underneath, it remains one of our favorite spring essentials.

Denim Jacket 

The perfect denim jacket ensures both style and warmth on breezier days. This timeless piece channels your inner 90s girlie, adding a touch of retro charm to your ensemble.

Western Style Belt 

Complete your Canadian tuxedo ensemble by cinching it with a western-style belt, adding an extra layer of fun flair. It will leave people questioning, “What waist?” 

Silver Rings 

With spring’s arrival, it’s time to pack away your gloves and immerse yourself in the treasure box of the jewelry section at your beloved thrift stores. Vintage jewelry pieces are inherently distinctive and will always make a statement as the weather steadily warms up.

Leather Jacket 

As genuine leather becomes increasingly rare in stores, opt for sustainable shopping practices by choosing second-hand leather items instead of settling for vegan alternatives.

Slip Dress

Keep cool and comfortable this spring by slipping into this lightweight garment. Whether adorned with patterns or crafted from silk, it gracefully accentuates all the right areas.

Trench Coat

A khaki trench coat complements any spring color palette effortlessly. Browse through your favorite thrift store and discover the one that speaks to your style. 

Cowboy Boots 

Rock a dress, jean shorts, or jeans paired with cowboy boots, a versatile choice that has grown to be beloved all across the country and a coveted staple for many style gurus. 

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