10 Hotspots To Add To Your Summer Road Trip

This summer, take a ride to remember.

Whether you’re gearing up for graduation, final exams, or a family getaway, everyone deserves a summer road trip. Rather than going to the same vacation hotspots like the Caribbean or Disney for the 10th time, there are plenty of hidden wonders all over America. 

From grabbing an alcoholic version of your go-to Starbucks drink in Chicago or Coca-Cola flavors from around the world in Atlanta to creating content at the abandoned Prada store in Marfa or seeing death in New Orleans. We’ve rounded up the best-underrated points of interest worth visiting this summer, whether you’re with friends or family. 

Prada In The Middle Of Nowhere

For the fashion-forward that loves driving or grabbing content, the mini Prada exhibit in Marfa, Texas, is worth the ride. What started as a project throwaway has since become an iconic hotspot, all thanks to Beyonce and Solange. The concept store isn’t a story but features a few bags from Prada in the middle of the wild west that’s a must-see backdrop. 

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Nothing But Flowers

What better way to enjoy May flowers than a field in bloom? Somewhere in California, Carlsbad lives The Flower Fields, where acres of land are covered in beautiful petals of all shades and stems. Before heading to the beach, make a pit spot, and take a photo of 2023 surrounded by the sweet scents of spring.  

Versace Versace

Did you know there’s a Versace Mansion in Miami? While the name has been changed to The Villa Casa Casuarina At The Former Versace Mansion, the coveted designer Gianni’s presence is felt throughout the Sin City hotspot. If you have no time or funds to stay for the night, grab a bite at Gianni’s Restaurant, where you can grub on grilled branzino or lobster spaghetti near one of its many blue-lit fountains. 

Run Across The Water ( On the Brooklyn Bridge) 

If you love the outdoors or need a breathtaking view, run or stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge. As long as you don’t fear heights, the stacked buildings in the Manhattan and Brooklyn boroughs will be at your fingertips. Plus, you’ll see how far the cast of Making The Band had to walk for Diddy’s cheesecake. 

Sit 550 Feet In The Air In Vegas

For the ultimate risk taker, ride inside Las Vegas’ signature Ferris wheel, the High Roller. Choose between a drinking or nondrinking cart as you’ll slowly reach the top of 550 feet overseeing the Vegas Strip and surrounding mountains. There are no seatbelts?

Drink All The Coke You Want

If you are a Coca-Cola obsessor, you must tell the group to stop in Atlanta. Holding the only walkable factory in the United States, you’ll learn how the legendary drink came to be and even try an unlimited amount of all its flavors and products. 

This New Orleans Museum Is To Die For

Buried in the French Quarter is Louisiana’s Museum of Death. You’ll experience body bags, skulls, cannibalism, and more if your stomach allows. You’ll even glimpse actual crime scene photos from some of America’s well-known cases for a bloody treat. 

Live Your Spy Vibe Dream In DC

Instead of going the political route as most tourists do in Washington, D.C., tap into your inner spy at the International Spy Museum. History fanatics will enjoy learning about America’s most profound secrets regarding the Civil War and even props from movies about the genre, like James Bond.

Soak In The Sun At Virginia Beach

Now that Pharrell has brought Virginia to the main stage, its beaches are worth checking out. Virginia Beach is a beautiful sandy spot on the southern coast to lay out in the sun, enjoy the shops along the pier, and relax to “Frontin’.”

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Supersize A Pumpkin Spice

Make your way to the Midwest for the giant Starbucks ever. In the heart of The Windy City lives the 35,000 square foot reserve, which includes a full bar featuring alcoholic options and a more expansive arrangement of sweets, treats, and eats.

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