Mass Unrest Ensues Across Chicago Following Police Shooting

100 people have been arrested thus far.

During the afternoon hours of Sunday, August 9, Chicago police shot a currently-unnamed (since he has not been charged with a crime,) 20-year-old Black man. He was running away from officers in the community area of Englewood, located on the south side of Chicago, as he was shot. Though he is believed to be alive, mass unrest began in the downtown Chicago area.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, on Sunday afternoon, the police received a call about a man with a gun. Upon arrival, officers spotted a person who fit the description running away. Allegedly, the young man shot at the police officers, though his brother, who was with him before the shooting began, does not believe this to be true. The man, believed to be 20-years-old, was then struck by police and taken to a hospital. He is currently known to still be alive.

After news of the shooting began to circulate, stores and other places of business like banks, began to have windows broken, and were subsequently broken into. This started at roughly 11 pm CST and went on until early this morning. Several videos of the riot have been posted to social media, and you can see locations such as an Apple store, Best Buy and a liquor store being hit.

As of 8:56 am CST, according to Chicago’s WGN 9, 100 people have been arrested and 13 officers have been injured thus far.

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