Normani Announces New Single “1:59” Featuring Gunna 

The new track is set to drop on April 26th

For those in the Normani Nation, this is like a long-awaited Christmas gift: The 27-year-old announces her new single, “1:59,” featuring Gunna as her special guest. The single will drop on April 26, 2024, giving fans a sneak peek into her highly anticipated debut album, DOPAMINE. On February 21, 2024, Normani broke her hiatus to announce her new album and essentially broke the internet with her cover art. The photo showcases the songstress wearing a two-piece set with chains, showing off her killer physique while straddling a black rocket ship.

After the announcement, stans clocked into their full role, getting the internet hype about Normani’s new era beginning. From threads to fancams, the appreciation for the “Wild Side” singer continues to stand the test of time. In her recent cover story with Who What Wear, she opened up about her creative space, new album, and excitement for this new chapter.

“I know what I’ve been through. … For me, this upcoming album is not just about music coming out. It feels like a representation of everything I’ve gone through to get to this moment,” Normani says. “I know I needed time, experiences, and space coming out of [Fifth Harmony] in order to become the version of myself I needed to be. Without [all of that], I would not be able to exist within the creative space that I am in now. I would not be able to make the type of music I’m making now.”

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Since beginning her solo music career in 2018, Normani has created memorable moments in pop culture. With songs like “Love Lies” and “Dancing With A Stranger,” she continues to set herself apart from the crowd and garner respect from her peers in the industry. After announcing her album, fans began tweeting and commenting about the next step for this new era. On March 14, 2024, an X user tweeted, “Good morning Normani. I just wanted to follow up on this album announcement as I have not heard anything back yet. All the best.”

After stirring up the timeline about where Normani may be, she finally responded, getting fans hyped again. “Hi, Thank you for your patience. This matter will be addressed tomorrow at 1:59 pm EST, Management.” With cleverness and what seems perfect timing, the “Motivation” singer has us ready for what’s next with her new single “1:59,” featuring Gunna.

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