GU Predictions: Here’s What Might Shake Up Society In 2024

From fashion to entertainment and more, take a look at our bingo card.

The best part about the new year is embracing and looking forward to the unknown of pop culture. Last year, we witnessed many surprises, from Sexyy Red’s pregnancy to watching Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé. Now that 2024 is here, it’s time to see what our new favorite moment will be to take over the timeline.

For instance, is the Beyhive lucky enough to see Beyoncé again after last year’s Ticketmaster fiasco? January is the time to assemble your wildest predictions to see what happens in the summer months if your manifestations come true. 

Now that we’re in a new year, we have a fresh start to manifest and conspire on many questions. What will be the next trending song? Who’s sweeping during award season? What is the following makeup look everyone will emulate?

Long story short, we’re here to share some of our best forecasts for pop culture. No matter how wild or out of reach they seem, all we can do is hope for the best and see if any of the following fortunes happen by the end of the year. 

Here at Girls United, our team has compiled an in-depth list of all of our predictions for 2024, from music to glam, that we’ll look back on this time next year to see who was the big winner and who is still on hiatus. Check out some of our boldest projections for our favorite brands and artists for the new year, and bookmark this to see if any of these were on your bingo card for 2024. 

Lips Are The Main Character

Last year, we saw unique lip looks like Sophia Sinot’s be integrated into traditional glam, making for one-of-a-kind beauty moments. From frosted lips to creative liner silhouettes — perfecting the perfect lip will become a staple.

Bows Are Back In Style

Dainty ribbon bows completely took over the holiday season. From ponytails to Christmas trees, they were a starlit touch to any look. However, their season is not over yet. I’d say they’re placed at number 10 on the trendy scoreboard, and we will see additional color variations and sizes, even on shoes and clothing. The bows are back.

Megan Thee Stallion Achieves Solo #1 Billboard Hit

As we know, Megan Thee Stallion is officially an independent artist after parting ways with her label 1501. She now has the freedom to create the music she’s always wanted to. Thus, the prediction of her gaining a solo number-one hit came to fruition. With her single “Cobra” making waves, it’s easy to see Megan finally getting that top hit. 

Barbie Wins Oscar For Best Movie

The heavily nominated film that instantly rose to the top of the charts for its nostalgic flare and strong themes of womanhood that resonated with women across generations, we suspect Barbie will take home more than one Oscar win this year. Barbie is only the first of many films like it, and its recognition at this level only shows the growing appreciation for diverse themes in the entertainment industry.

Tonal Glam Will Become A Happy Medium

Coined by MUA Ani James, Tonal Glam instructs us to use colors that naturally appear in our skin tone for our eyeshadow, lips, blush, and even hair color. If you liked “Clean Girl” beauty but are missing glam elements, this one might be for you!

Individualism Fashion

Trends will always be fetch, but we must admit they don’t have a large hand in fashion like they used to. Gen Z and Gen Alpha are going in an individualist direction, breaking free from what society persuades them to buy. This heavily correlates to maximalism and layering, as fashion forwards throw together chaotic yet elaborate looks that somehow… work. 

Normani Releases Her Debut Album

For dedicated Normani fans, it’s been a long time coming for the songstress, but this year could be when the “Wild Side” singer puts out a fresh body of work. The singer has been on hiatus for a while during 2023, and fans are speculating something coming this year and continuing to spotlight her visuals and artistry, building the momentum when she decides to drop new music. 

Decline In Skincare Overconsumption

With the help of social media — particularly TikTok, the skincare market has become a billion-dollar industry. However, do we really need 10-step routines? In 2024, we predict many will take a break from being influenced, scale back, and see what works best for their skin without breaking the bank.

Glee Gets A Reboot

Get ready to hit some high notes. With “remake culture” showing up heavily in 2023, we suspect that the next television show to join the ranks of fan-favorite reboots will be the musical masterpiece that was Glee. What could be a better addition to join the ranks alongside recent shows like Gossip Girl and Sex and the City? Coming up on the tenth anniversary of its series finale, now sounds like the perfect time to bring everyone’s favorite high school club back to life.

Elevated Workwear

2024 marks the return to the office era, and while millennials paved the way for workwear to be more lenient, the officewear aesthetic will return. From slouchy trousers to fitted chicos or light knits to cardigans, dressing sophisticated at work will become the new norm rather than touching the boundary of a happy hour look. 

Chloe x Halle Release Third Studio Album

The sirens have been waiting for new Chloe x Halle music after the duo took a break to maneuver their solo careers, but since their 2020 release, time has been bubbling for fans to hear what the sisters have in store sonically. Now that the pair has experienced their separate journeys, the time has come for them to remind the general public how we fell in love with them through their joint music. 

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