GU Jams: These New Artists Are Worth Adding To Your Playlist

Spice up your rotation by diving into new creatives

As spring and summer seasons emerge, so do the fresh new artists. We’re just in time for a new roster of singers, rappers, and producers to hit the rotation as they prepare to captivate audiences with their unique sounds and styles. These artists bring a breath of fresh air to the music industry, infusing it with their creativity and innovation.

With reflective instrumentals and captivating vocals, these new creatives offer listeners an escape into their sonic worlds. The diversity of new talent ensures something for every musical palate, from viral sensations to boundary-pushing lyricists. Emerging artists in the indie scene are making waves with their soul-stirring melodies and introspection.

With infectious rhythms and experimental soundscapes, these up-and-comers are redefining electronic music one beat at a time. As the spring and summer seasons unfold, these new musical artists are balanced to leave an unforgettable mark on the industry, captivating audiences and shaping the sound of tomorrow.

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Lay Bankz

Lay Bankz keeps all eyes on her with her viral hits while spitting fire rhymes. The Philadelphia native adds a braggadocious element to her sound, automatically adding to your Instagram-worthy captions. Following her first festival performance at Rolling Loud, she stays consistent with her new songs and elevates her sound and live experiences.

Major Myjah

Major Myjah began composing songs at age four. He was given his stage name because he was known for being a force of nature who knew how to hold an audience’s attention. He earned opportunities to collaborate with an esteemed list of heavy hitters like Usher, J. Cole, Ty Dolla $ign, Ro James, Miguel, and others as an R&B singer who incorporates touches of popular and worldly music.


BreezyLYN is ready to strike as the bonafide breakout rapper from Brooklyn. In 2022, she released her debut single, “Bad Bitches,” and has gained traction since. Her debut project, Hood Mona Lisa, paints a portrait of a self-assured Zillennial who is about her business, and she continues to have all eyes on her with her precise delivery and catchy hooks.


Mez is a GRAMMY-nominated recording artist, songwriter, music producer, and film director. In 2019, Mez’s multi-hyphenate talent was highlighted on Dreamville’s GRAMMY-nominated project, Revenge of the Dreamers III, where he was featured on two songs and directed the video for J. Cole’s record “Middle Child,” his directorial debut. His sights are now his music, including a new single, “Around the World,” on his upcoming project to showcase his sound and vibe.

Kenya Vaun

Kenya Vaun, a 22-year-old R&B singer and songwriter, channels timeless soul from a fresh, fiery perspective. The Philadelphia-based R&B songstress unveils her new EP, The Honeymoon Phase. To introduce this body of work, she brings a new perspective to her fans to showcase the good and bad of being with someone and highlight all of the parts that come with the honeymoon phase for Zillennials.


Skaiwater is a rapper, producer, DJ, and engineer amplifying their sound for 2024. Their new single, “Light!”, showcases a new era featuring Lil Nas X. The track, produced by 9lives, has a heavy club beat, and Skai tells the story behind a relationship as Lil Nas spits bars. The song is fun and catchy and serves as their reintroduction to the world.


BlakeIANA is a fiery force as she continues to release new music and prepare for her forthcoming debut project. The St. Louis-born rapper instantly makes her presence known by spitting raw truth and exuding boss-level charisma and confidence with a laser focus. With her new single “STL FINEST,” BlakeIANA serves up one slick flow after another, sticking, moving, and shrugging off the haters.

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