Everything You Need To Know About Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday Nail Line

The raptress is building her Barbie empire, starting with nails

As Nicki Minaj gears up to release her new album, Pink Friday 2, she surprises her fans with unexpected new elements. Over the weekend, she announced her new press-on nail line, which will be released in January 2024.

The social media-savvy raptress posted the link to her Pink Friday Nails website, and the Barbz began to scramble online. The website includes various tier passes for fans ranging from $30-$120. 

Despite being unable to pre-order the nails, customers can secure their spot by purchasing one of the passes. According to the website, purchasing a launch pass guarantees exclusive product access for 72 hours when the brand launches in January.

The “Super Freaky Girl” rapper took to her Twitter account to answer fan questions about the origin story behind her new line. “I never thought I’d rock them. Seemed so corny.” she tweeted. “But [I don’t know] if it’s having a baby or having a busy job, but I just stopped having the patience to sit down for ANYTHING for that long anymore. Nails used to take 30 minutes in the hood!!! Now?!?!! 2-3 hours.” 

Though customers cannot see the entire look of the press on nails, Minaj shared details about the thought process behind creating the line. 

“I needed them to be from short to the LONGEST length I wear,” she said. “I needed them to be as pointy as the nails I wear. (Yes, We have ALL shapes), [and] I needed the DESIGNS to be the EXACT ones I wear, so as fate would have it, we hired my ACTUAL nail tech, we’re in good hands.”

Known for her stunning nails, Minaj hand-picked each style that her fans would enjoy and took inspiration from her past looks through different shapes and sizes throughout her career. “I have VERY small nail beds, so normally when people bring me the custom-designed press-ons, they are way too big & they just don’t hit the same,” she says. “So it was important to me to have all sizes as well.”

With her being a mother on the go, it was important for Minaj to create a line that allows people to implement much needed self-care and luxury into their busy schedules. As she enters 2024, Minaj hopes to collaborate with different nail techs to continue expanding on the new business venture in the nail industry. 

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