Mykail James Shares Key Tips To Creating An Affordable Festive Home

The Boujie Budgeter dives into how to not overspend with holiday decorations

The holiday season is around the corner and no matter which social media platform you browse, someone is prepping their tree or decorating with poinsettias in their home. For older Zillennials, this year could be different, and many people are experiencing the festivities in their first apartment. 

Due to inflation and the economic crisis happening across the country, prices are at an all-time high in grocery stores, department stores and even home decor shops. Decorating your apartment for the first time can seem overwhelming, but the holidays bring new anxiety.

Social media has transformed everything into a focus on aesthetics, hauls, and presentation specifically tailored for Instagram. Though it seems like an added pressure to have the most post-worthy home for the holidays, it doesn’t have to break the bank. 

The self-proclaimed Boujie Budgeter, Mykail James, has always been passionate about personal finance and helping her community. “I started my finance platform because there wasn’t financial education that catered to this new wave of young professionals,” James tells GU. 

Topics around money, such as credit, bargaining and investing, are difficult to grasp due to complex language and terms many people may need to be more familiar with. James shared her top financial tips for frugal holiday decor shopping for Zillennials.

Start Decor Shopping At Least A Month Advance

Those with a holiday shopping game plan usually shop a month or two in advance to snag the major deals. According to Shopify, 41 percent plan to start shopping by the end of October. “When it comes to holiday decorations, we run away from being intentional,” James says. “You create that intentional space when you know what you want your space to look like.” 

Fitting An Aesthetic Is Not A Requirement

Though the trend of lifestyle content has taken over the timeline, it doesn’t mean you have to overspend to have trendy pieces for your home. “If you’re not buying the Architectural Digest of the season, then you’re not getting a huge peek into what other people’s homes look like, but we have a constant reminder on social media,” she says. It’s important to remember that the holidays are meant for creativity and personalizing your safe space.

Try Renter Friendly Decor

As many Zillennials prep their homes for decorating their first apartment, they now have the opportunity to look into the market for renter-friendly decor. “That market has definitely exploded in the last five years,” she says. From peel-and-stick wallpaper to lighting fixtures, there are more opportunities to have the affordable decor in your home without the commitment of long-term installations.

Shop In-Person For Better Deals

Many of us live on the Amazon website for quick delivery deals, but many in-person sales offer consumers more items for a better price. “Craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels are the kinds of places that have huge discounts on holiday decor, especially right after the season ends,” she says. 

Don’t Feel Pressured To Have Traditional Decor

For James, she doesn’t subscribe to having a traditional Christmas tree or wreath in her home. Though some social media can add pressure to have cookie-cutter Christmas decor, there’s also a rise in Zillennials making their own rules regarding holiday scenery. “When you are in control of your holiday vibes, what feels natural to you could be completely against the grain of what everyone else feels like is the vibe,” she says. 

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