Instagram Creator Jené Marie on Her Prom Do’s And Don’ts

“I felt so stunning from the inside out,” she said.

Although Jené Marie started at an in-person high school and later transitioned into homeschooling to pursue her career in the entertainment industry, still, she always dreamt of her monumental moment at prom.

Marie is an Atlanta-based actor, content creator and dancer who is passionate about uplifting her community, especially the dance community showcasing that you can have it all and still enjoy traditional teenage rights of passages. 

“My favorite moment from my prom night was the transformation from hair to makeup to getting dressed in my gown,” she told GU. “I felt so stunning from the inside out. Seeing my friends & family’s reaction when I did my reveal was surreal.” 

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Her prom experience was nothing short of a fairytale for her as she reflects on her princess-style transformation. 

“From booking the makeup artists to finalizing fabrics for my dress, being detail-oriented during this process made my day run smoothly,” Marie told GU. “Of course, my mom was my biggest supporter, with the help of all my friends and family who made my Prom day one to remember.”

With her platform on social media, she felt this prom transformation was not only for her, but for her supporters watching her journey. “I enjoyed taking my supporters along with me every step of my day as I kept them updated on where I was headed, what I ate, and more,” she said. “I captured detail photos of my nails, bouquet of roses, room decor, and more to create an aesthetically pleasing “dump” thread/ post on Instagram. I also captured moments on my disposal and film camera.”

GU got to speak with Marie about her prom Do’s and Don’ts, diving into every topic from your prom mood board to skincare prep. 


  1. Create a saved category on the Instagram app to collect ideas for your prom look, from hair, nails, and makeup inspiration! I titled mine “Prom ‘23.”
  2. Create a playlist of all your favorite songs that will get you in the mood to create the ultimate vibe for your prom day!
  3. Create an itinerary/ to-do list to plan the “perfect prom day” to finish everything on time.
  4. Bring a portable charger to be prepared for the long night ahead 
  5. Bring a change of shoes (slides) just in case your feet feel uncomfortable in your high heels. (I learned the hard way when my feet got numb during junior prom because I kept my heels on all night & danced so much)
  6. Keep a “touch-up” kit in your clutch containing lip gloss, sponge, and maybe even powder to keep your makeup as fresh as possible all night long.

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  1. Don’t feel pressured to have a date. I didn’t have a date in Junior year as I went alone and enjoyed my night on the dance floor with friends. So I did the same thing this year! 
  2. Don’t try new skincare, hygiene, or hair products that could cause an allergic reaction before your “big day.”
  3. Don’t forget to eat before you start the glam process! After I got my hair done, I scheduled time between hair and makeup to give myself time to relax and eat something. Everything moves so fast. Once you start that process, you will definitely forget to eat.
  4. Don’t fall asleep in your makeup; I love all things skincare, so making sure I refreshed my skin by the end of the night was my top priority.
  5. Don’t forget to enjoy every moment of your Prom day to the fullest! Good or bad, live in every moment, as these memories will last forever.

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