Everyday Household Items To Switch To Sustainable Living

Here are five easy ways to live eco-friendly

As April approaches and forces us to consider our planet, why not make a few sustainable changes to support Earth? Whether you’re up to date on environmental justice or climate change, living sustainably greatly serves our ecosystem. It’s more than just planting more trees or enjoying nature; it’s about preserving what we have before it’s too late.

Everyday items in your household and lifestyle can make the change affordably. You can swap your toilet paper, toothbrush, and sheets to help our environment. Investing in a reusable straw or cleaning rounds can do the trick if you want to go smaller.

While there are many eco-friendly items you can switch to, here are five simple purchases that Earth will appreciate. Scroll ahead to shop GU’s recommendations for sustainable living.

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Who Gives A Crap 100% Recycled Toilet Paper, $38

Who knew going to the bathroom could make a change on our planet? Sustainable brand Who Gives A Crap offers recycled toilet paper in trendy packaging designs that are comfy when you go.

Public Goods Reusable Cleansing Rounds, $9

Instead of constantly heading to the drugstore for cotton rounds, Public Goods has a sustainable version. Their cleansing rounds, available in a pack of 14, can remove makeup, apply toner, or reduce puffiness.

Made Trade Linen Waffle Blanket, $125

Whether you’re staying warm for the holidays or staying cool for the summer, the temperature-regulating blanket by Made Trade is both ethical and luxurious. Available in an array of colors, the textured blanket is made with natural fibers and is free of harmful chemicals.

OXO Collapsible Straw With Case, $10

If you haven’t noticed, you’ve probably used and disposed of [aper pr biodegradable straws instead of plastic. Although eateries have made that change, you can make it even better. OXO’s Collapsible Straw allows you to bring a reusable one on the go, and with its case, your straw will be clean and bacteria-free.

Bite Toothbrush, $12

Bamboo toothbrushes have been steadily increasing as people switch to sustainable living. Bite’s alternative utilizes plant-based bristles instead of petrolium-based plastic. There are two pairs in each pack, and it’s naturally antibacterial.

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