Sustainable Gifts For The Earth Day Goddess In Your Life

Check out these recycled, sustainable goodies!

Earth Day is here and what better way to show appreciation to Mother Nature and the beauty of springtime than with a few gifts. Increasingly, brands have become more aware of their ecological footprint and have created more recyclable packing. Below, take a peek at some affordable, sustainable brands for the Earth Day lover in your life and add these to your cart quick before they sell out!


Just in time for Earth Day, the beloved Timberland brand has officially launched its new Timberloop Trekker City Hiker, an eco-innovative, sneaker-like outdoor shoe specifically designed for circularity. In an effort to create a more green and sustainable future,  the new Timberloop Trekker City Hiker features a unique sole construction where the outsoles can be easily removed and disassembled.

Neen’s Cream Cheek & Lip

Created by legendary celebrity makeup artist and visionary behind Stila Jeanine Lobell, Neen’s sustainable indie beauty brand gives customers the opportunity to get a monthly subscription to sustainable and conscious makeup created by Lobell. The Neen brand created the first-ever silicone compact, which was made with easily recycled materials. The products can be popped out of the compact and replaced with just a product refill and the compact can be hand-washed or tossed in the dishwasher.

Reed + Gwen’s Grounding Dry Body Oil

This sustainable, genderless beauty product from Avocado Green Brands’ Reed + Gwen is perfect if you want to give your skin that hydrated glow we all crave in the summer. All Reed + Gwen products including the Grounding Dry Body Oil are made in California with no water, and its transformative formula is packed with powerful antioxidants, calming maracuja seed oil, and other renewing ingredients like chamomile flower and moringa oil.

NTRL By Sabs’ Shampoo Bars and Conditioner Bars

This sustainable and zero-waste shampoo or conditioner bar is courtesy of a Black-owned brand that puts vegan, clean beauty at the forefront. In addition to being sulfate, silicone, and paraben-free, this gives consumers the ability to get over 80 washes and is ideal for dry, dehydrated hair.


At the intersection of luxury, nature, and sustainability, Ralph Lauren launched a gender-neutral 97% natural-origin, vegan fragrance. Described as a “sheer, yet luxurious scent,” the fragrance includes notes of Bergamot Heart, Green Mandarin, Sage Heart, and Diva Lavender.

PURR Skincare’s Foot & Bath Salts

 PURR Skincare is perfect for sustainable self-care for the spring time. With all vegan, water-free formulas that offer high potency of organic ingredients, this beauty brand keeps its ecological footprint in mind while bringing simplicity to skin and self-care with its use of 100% certified organic oils and butters, wrapped in sustainable packaging.

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Tim Pannell

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