Shop These Amazon Favorites To Turn Your Room Into The Influencer Aesthetic

New year, new space.

If you’re anything like this editor, you probably believe you can be an interior designer after watching influencer TikTok decorate their home. While colorful decor and artwork are trending, nothing beats the neutral favorites.

Becoming a monotone and monochrome society wasn’t on our bingo card, but neutrals have become the go-to for a cleaner aesthetic. However, making your space completely white, cream, brown, or black can quickly be elevated through texture and design. From a soft fleece blanket to a unique floor mirror or an elevated tissue box for an aesthetically pleasing look. 

Whether you want to improve your space or commit to a few touchups, scroll ahead and shop these Amazon favorites to turn your room into the influencer aesthetic.

Bedsure Fleece Throw Blanket, $14

You always need more fleece blankets, especially during the winter freezes. Available in various colors and cozy with Bedsure’s ultra-soft and aesthetically textured throws to stay warm and relaxed through the season.

MERNETTE Corduroy Soft Decorative Square Throw Pillow, $15

As you age, you realize why Mom had so many pillows around the house. They’re the most accessible piece of decor that can take a space from drab to fab. Mernette’s corduroy version is not only soft but machine washable. 

Mandy’s White Flowers Artificial Tulip Silk Flowers, $19

Buying flowers, arranging them, and enjoying your perfect bouquet is nice, but when it dies, you must redo the cycle, which can be costly. These affordable artificial tulips only need a good dusting occasionally, but a pretty bouquet infinitely nonetheless. 

YoBa Thick Acrylic Tissue Box, $23

Give your tissue box a luxurious upgrade with the acrylic version by YoBa. The design features a clear box and a simple look, heightened by gold pegs for a sleek touch. 

Neutral Canvas Wall Art, $29

This wall art is in the homes of all your favorite influencers. The neutral design will add a warm touch to any wall in any home. Available in various sizes, the suggested larger sizes work well to fill up open wall space. 

Crinkle Paper Bag Shape Ceramic Vase, $40

Have fun with your vase with the crinkle paper bag shape. If your space is full of mature decor, this statement addition brings a bit of pizzazz to any surface. 

Honyee Full Length Mirror, $119

The infamous Ikea mirror may be trending, but this plump-edged full-length mirror is a must-have if you’re a nonconformist shopper. Crafted of wooden material, the mirror can sit on the ground or the wall, with a sturdy balance to prevent slipping or cracking. Plus, there are many color variations if you’re over the neutral look. 

PUFEIDS Modern Table Lamp, $130 

If your built-in lights are harsh, lamps are a great way to achieve a warmer tone, especially during the evenings. The Modern Taple Lamp by Pufeids will elevate any nightstand with its fabric lampshade and ceramic base. 

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