Your Favorite Gen-Z Celebrities Rocked Some Of The Most Creative Halloween Costumes This Year

Halloween may be ending, but a creative costume lasts forever.

As the Halloween season comes to a close, I am floored with how people showed up and showed out this year. I don’t know if celebrities and their teams were feeling extra creative or something was in the air, but social media was lit up with creative costumes. We loved many looks, so it’s hard to narrow down who won Halloween but below are some of our favorites. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so don’t hesitate to save some of these looks for next year. 

Keke Palmer, Rogue

A couple of months ago, fans wishfully cast Keke Palmer, the Queen of being booked and busy, as Rogue in the Marvel Studios X-Men reboot and with this Halloween costume, I love that she is manifesting the role. Although Marvel Studios has not begun casting this role, after this photo shoot, I hope they call her in to audition. Besides Rogue, Keke also dressed up as Rapunzel. Her extra-long braids were a special fan request.  

Halle Bailey + DDG, Avatar

Neytiri makeup tutorials have been trending on TikTok, so I knew we would see at least one celebrity cosplay, but Halle and DDG really killed this look. The makeup, the props, and the duo all come together beautifully. 

Dess Dior + Jayda Wayda, The Twins from The Shining 

I love when friends dress up as Louise and Lisa Burns from The Shining. Although the costume is not meant to be cute when the friends favor each other, the execution of this duo is always a serve.  

Kiana Lede, Regina George 

Although Mean Girls was released almost 20 years ago (how insane, I know), Regina George is still holding real estate in all of our minds. The costume is relatively easy to put together but embodying the ultimate mean girl is challenging. I wonder what Kiana Lede has in her burn book. Lede also dressed up as Tina from Bob’s Burgers. If you ever choose to wear this costume, make sure you’re ready to twerk all night awkwardly. 

Chloe Bailey, Storm

Chloe is promoting her new single, but she still made time to show up and show out as Storm. Not only are the special effects spot on, but she really embodies the character with the blonde wig and signature pose. All I want to know, though, is where I can buy the boots. Chloe also dressed up as Lola Bunny, which is such a cute second costume. 

Justine Skye, Rasta Skye

I said it before, and I’ll repeat it, Justine Skye doesn’t get enough credit for her casual slays. The beard definitely takes this costume to a whole different level. 

Lizzo, Marge Simpson

I love that Lizzo always goes for laughs when it comes to Halloween. If you thought Lizzo couldn’t top her Yoda costume, she hit checkmate with her Marge Simpson cosplay. 

Latto, Corpse Bride 

Jordyn Woods, Diana Ross

If there’s one thing Jordyn will do, it’s coming through with a serve. Whether it’s her birthday, a holiday, or a random Tuesday, she knows how to see a concept through from start to finish. After this pictorial, I feel like we will see a resurgence of dramatic bottom lashes. We’re also obsessed with her and Karl Anthony Towns’s Silk Sonic costume. Move over Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak because Bruno Woods & Anderson Towns may come for your spot.

Skai Jackson, Janet Jackson

This year, there’s been heavy debate about how Halloween is meant to cosplay fictional characters and not actual humans, but I love it when people respectfully pay homage to those they admire. Skai may be giving Janet her flowers, but she also deserves applause for this stunning homage. 

Lori Harvey, Beyoncé 

Lori Harvey’s full rollout for Halloween deserves to be highlighted, but she tapped a core memory by paying homage to Beyoncé’s “Check On It” video. The way Harvey hit every move, I know I wasn’t the only one that practiced this choreography back in the day. Also, the outfit recreations look just like the video. 

Tink, Eve 

The glam squad did what needed to be done with this costume. Tink embodies Ruff Ryders’ First Lady like no other in this recreation of her ‘Blow Ya Mind’ music video featuring Gwen Stefani.

Sierra Capri, Ahsoka Tano from ‘Star Wars‘ 

The force is strong in this one. Halloween is almost over, but you can wear this graphic liner look on your eyes all year. 

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