Here Are The Games Every Family Should Play On Christmas Day

May the best player win

With the gift unwrapping excitement over, thoughts turn to how to pass the time until Mom’s renowned Christmas dinner is ready. With all the stores and establishments closed, skip the movie and break out an entertaining game to discover who possesses some impressive skills.

Whether you prefer a narrative-driven board game or a high-energy card game, this guide offers something enjoyable for every player. Tap into your competitive spirit and emerge victorious in each round!

Visit Amazon or your favorite discount store and consider purchasing one of these games to keep your family entertained throughout the holiday season.

Wits And Wagers, $20 

Select your favorite brainy family member and join forces for this team-centered trivia. 

Taboo, $10 

Practice restraint while you help your squad guess the buzzword using every phrase possible except those listed on the card. 

Connect 4 Spin, $15

Who doesn’t love the classic Connect 4 but with a twist, this version contains a spinning grid making the task just a tad bit more challenging. 

Uno Flip, $11

Another classic feature is a new addition of a double-sided feature to allow for essentially two games in one. 

Poetry for Neanderthals, $20

This game allows for a fun linguistic adventure by players only being allowed to use single-syllable words in replacement of poetic phrases.   

The Chameleon, $17

An engaging social deduction board game where players blend in with secret words while trying to identify the imposter chameleon among them. 

Herd Mentality, $18

 A dynamic game that challenges players to think alike and guess the most common answers to quirky questions, celebrating the power of collective thinking.

Codenames, $13

A word association game where players become spies, giving and guessing one-word clues to uncover their team’s secret agents while avoiding the opposing team and the deadly assassin.

Sequence, $14 

This engaging board game combines elements of cards and chips, challenging players to form sequences on the board by matching cards in a race to victory.

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza, $10  

A fast-paced card game where players race to create wacky food combinations, resulting in laughter and strategic play.

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