Here’s How To Start Your Digital Detox For The Holidays

Head into the new year with better habits

Those gearing up for December always incorporate the process of self-reinvention, and a major priority during the holiday season is prepping for a digital detox. Self-care and wellness are important conversations in the Zillennial community, which means it’s time for action behind the various initiatives and posts. 

Thanks to the vulnerable space Gen Z’ers have created online, our favorite celebrities aren’t the only ones taking advantage of a digital detox from the internet. Now, we have the permission and opportunity to bring much needed mental health breaks from the outside world. 

According to a June 2023 CivicScience survey, adult Gen Z’ers (ages 18 to 24) will likely take a break from social media. Still, those breaks are more likely to be less than a week compared to breaks taken by millennials (ages 25 to 34) or Gen Xers (ages 35 to 54). 

Starting a digital detox is not easy, but it can be achieved through discipline and accountability. Check out how to implement new boundaries into your social media hiatus journey. 

Turn Off Your Notifications

Notifications are the culprit when Zillennials are constantly checking their phones. From new buys on TikTok shop to seeing a new like on your Instagram photo, the brain is programmed to continuously check a device when seeing a new message on the phone. Turning off your notification allows your mind to feel a sense of calmness and peace rather than feeling forced to check your phone.

Everything Doesn’t Have To Be Content

In the era of digital creation being a career path, it’s essential to set boundaries for yourself with social media. It can program your mind and see every moment as a piece of content when, in reality, it’s okay to separate what’s important to you and content consumption.

Let Go Of Internet Validation

Since the beginning of social media, everything has been centered around likes, retweets and reposts. The subtle obsession many Zillennials have over online validation keeps people glued to their phones. Searching for constant love online can lead to pleasing people instead of finding your self-worth and validation in person.

Find New Hobbies

The holiday season is the perfect time to indulge in new hobbies and avoid the typical phone scroll during your break. Instead of back-to-back social media hopping, you can try many things to keep you busy. From taking a cooking class to creating a new collection, utilizing your time outside social media can help you find different pleasures beyond the digital space.

Remove Your Social Media Apps From Your Home Screen

Deleting all social media apps from your device can be incredibly hard for all of us, so let’s start with baby steps. Removing apps from your home screen allows you to set boundaries for yourself and not feel pressure to open your phone and immediately start your social media rotation.

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