What To Do If None Of The Presidential Candidates Speak To You

You have to do your own research.

The time to select who will run the United States for the next four years is vastly approaching. Gen Z, however, many members of which will be voting for the first time, may find themselves disillusioned by the process of choosing a candidate to support.

Our co-founder, Sophia Dennis, suggested looking beyond prevalent public opinions on particular candidates. Platforms, and even social media, can warp people’s ideas of candidates from the beginning. It’s critical to be informed of what the presidential hopefuls stand for and come to your own conclusions. No one can lead you astray if you do your own research.

Also, be on the lookout for Independent and Green Party candidates.

According to their official site, the Green Party won’t be selecting a candidate until July 2020. But, they have a number of people who are in the running to be the Party’s nominee: Dennis Lambert, Sedinam Moyowasiza-CurryHowie HawkinsChad Wilson, David Rolde, Dario Hunter, and Ian Schlakman. You can begin researching them now, so you can figure out if anyone interests you or not.

Not feeling in sync with a candidate can make you feel as if voting doesn’t serve a purpose. Yet, it’s imperative to come to a decision when the time comes, as voting is a fundamental right.

Dennis also noted that the first step an unimpressed young person can take is registering to vote, and that eventually, they could try running for office themselves.

Giving up on politics is not the answer — using your voice is.

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