Advice from Atlanta It Girls: Zonnique and Reginae

Being an It Girl is more than followers and popularity

Only a couple hours into Essence Fest GU Creator’s House festivities, hip hop family royalty and longtime friends Zonnique Pullins and Reginae Carter blessed the stage with their warm and relatable energy. You may remember watching them on the reality show Tiny and Toya or maybe you have seen them photographed solo or with their iconic parents on the red carpets

Pullins’ mother is Tiny Harris, a member of the 90s girl group Xscape and her stepfather is hip-hop trailblazer T.I. If you couldn’t tell from her last name, Carter is the eldest child of one of the greatest rappers of all time Lil Wayne. Her mother is TV personality and NY Times Best Selling author Toya Johnson

While their family’s reputation precedes them, the two multi-faceted businesswomen are making a name for themselves on their own terms. 

During the intimate Friday afternoon discussion, Carter and Pullins shared what it’s like to be an “it girl” coming from a famous family, how they set themselves apart from the crowd and what lessons they have learned along their journey. If you missed the kiki, we got you, sis! Read on for our biggest takeaways.

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Girls United: How would you define an “It girl?”

Zonnique Pullins:  A girl who is confident in herself. Just [do] whatever you wanna do. Put everything towards your dreams and really just stay consistent with whatever it is you want. 

Reginae Carter: Being unapologetically you and standing in your light. Also, making an impact. 

Zonnique Pullins and Reginae Carter at GU Creator’s House

GU: What lessons have you learned from being consistent in your career? 

Zonnique Pullins: Being consistent overall can be a little challenging because sometimes it’s like when is this gonna happen? Even though you have those feelings, you get better at your craft in those times. It’s not always about the finishing goal but the time that you actually spend perfecting your craft to get to that point. 

Reginae Carter: Like they used to say in school: look at your own paper. Just stay in your lane. Don’t look at the other person and feel like they are doing better than you and you gotta change your whole vibe. Stand your ground. 

GU: What’s one piece of advice you wish you had taken? 

Zonnique Pullins: You don’t have to rush… I feel like in our generation, everybody makes it seem like you have to own a home, buy a car, by the time you’re 20. I feel like everybody should take their time. It’s based on what’s best for you. 

Reginae Carter: Keep people out of your business. Never let your right hand know what your left hand is doing. Make sure you have your stuff together before telling your friends. Talk to God.

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