22-Year-Old Bharti Shahani Dies From Injuries Sustained At Astroworld Fest

9 people total have died following the crowd surge at the music festival.

The number of lives lost during Astroworld Festival has climbed to 9 following the death of 22-year-old Bharti Shahani. Shahani was a student at Texas A&M University.

Since the weekend, she had been in the hospital battling what her attorney described as “horrific, horrific injuries.” She died on Wednesday night.

Prior to the young woman’s death, Travis Scott, the festival’s head, had pledged to pay for funeral costs for all those who died. Scott is a rap artist who founded the event in 2018.

At least 30 lawsuits have been filed in connection to the tragedy.

In addition to those who passed away, hundreds of other attendees were injured, with some experiencing cardiac arrest. There is an ongoing investigation being conducted.

From the festival’s beginning on Sunday afternoon, many of those present have attested to the chaos. There is footage of a high volume of people knocking down and bolting over a fence to avoid proper entry. “While we’re walking to get our ticket scanned in, fans immediately bust down a fence,” Jonathan Espinoza told CNN‘s John Berman on November 11.

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Photo credit: Brandon Bell/Getty Images

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