How Tyla’s Industry Rise Is Reminiscent Of An Original Popstar

As the songstress preps for her debut release her rollout channels nostalgia on the timeline

Tyla’s constant elevation in pop culture continues to be a hot topic for new and old fans prepping to digest her debut album. The self-titled project drops on March 22, 2024, and the rollout continues to turn heads. The internet-savvy Gen Z’ers takes a reminiscent approach to how she presents her debut era, from her song choices to aesthetics. “That drives and motivates me because I will not stop until I get what I want,” she told GU last year. “Every time I think of where I want to be in the future and what it could be, I always get a new spark of motivation to keep going.”

While the album already has a Grammy award-winning song, “Water,” the 22-year-old continues to play the long game regarding how she delivers for this chapter. As we dive into her sound, Tyla has a particular sound that continues to have a global reach that constantly bends the genre board. “I love pop music and R&B, but for it to be more me, I had to add my African spice to [music],” she says.

The “Truth or Dare” singer released a promotional video reminding fans of her anticipated album release. Everything about it channeled a sense of the nostalgic rollouts early 2000s popstars used. From Britney Spears to Rihanna, the formula of subtle visibility is resurgent through Tyla.

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In a study by GWI, 70 percent of Gen Z said they like listening to and watching media from earlier decades because it reminds them of a simple time. In the rebirth of returning to basics regarding art, music and film, we’re seeing a new class of Zillennials adding a future nostalgic flair to their brand.

For this debut album, Tyla focuses on her physical art, including vinyl, CDs, and merchandise, allowing consumers to have tangible items to follow on her journey. In the streaming era, many artists have lost the importance of emphasizing the overall artist brand besides streams and virality.

Gen Z’ers and Millennials continue to be the driving force of nostalgia in the media. According to data, 50 percent of Zillennials feel nostalgic about media consumption, with Millennials behind 47 percent. Through her rollout, she’s tapping back into the art form of letting the music speak for itself instead of being chronically online.

In addition to the reminiscent approach she’s using to build the album anticipation, she’s also using intentionality with the brands she partners with. In a recent GAP campaign, Tyla was the center of attention as she danced and accentuated her body in the Linen collection.

“When was the last time you saw choreography in a commercial that wasn’t cringe-worthy?” Donye Taylor tweeted. “Tyla’s cameo in the Gap commercial uses star power to break through the noise.”

She caters to her aesthetic perfectly while sporting nudes, browns and muted tones in the video. “I love that I was able to express my sense of style in this campaign. The pieces that I’m wearing in the film are pieces that I am drawn to naturally, as being able to move freely is very important to me as a performer,” Tyla told ESSENCE.

As the songstress gears up for a debut release at the end of this month, she pays homage to the marketing tactics we’ve seen from some of our favorite pop stars. Through this process, it’s no wonder these same tools catapulted their careers and created a blueprint that stars continue to use to gain a more extensive reach. “We need more eyes on us and more opportunity,” Tyla tells GU. “We have the talent and everything it takes, but we need the eyes now.”

About the Author: Kenyatta Victoria is the lead writer for Essence GU, working on all things pop culture, politics, entertainment and business. Throughout her time at GU, she’s garnered devoted readers and specializes in the Zillennial point of view.

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