A Celebration Of Smino’s Best Natural Hairstyles

Hair on fleek.

Smino has quickly become a king of natural hair care.

It’s not uncommon to catch the singer/songwriter with a variety of braids, twists, and ponytails. During a 2018 interview with Pitchfork, he detailed just how much effort he actually puts into his hair on a daily basis. “I get my hair done every day for about two or three hours,” he said.

The St. Louis, Missouri, native also shared that Black girls are the inspiration behind the various hairstyles he cycles through. “Get a little pin and roll, black girl hairstyles and shit,” Smino said. “Every last one of my hairstyles comes from little Black girls.”

He’s recently revealed that he’s toying with the idea of locking his hair.

In early 2019, the rapper released a line of merchandise that included silk-lined hoodies. For a 2016 ESSENCE writeup, hairstylist Ali Batista shared that silk is the best material for Black hair to come in contact with, as it doesn’t dull the hair’s shine, or damage the follicle. “Silk is a material that will allow hair to slide around more smoothly so you will have less breakage, and no more bed-head,” Batista also divulged. So, Smino is not only looking out for his own hair health, but ours too.

Peep some of Smino’s hottest hairstyles below.

Twist Out

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Blow Out


Half Braid, Half ‘Fro

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