How To Save Money On Your Spring Break Trip

Here are some creative ways to cut costs during vacation

If you had FOMO and booked your spring break trip only to be able to afford transportation, you came to the right place. Don’t stress; we’ve all been that eager college student excited to experience the infamous Spring Break adventure. As a college student planning a spring break trip, saving money becomes critical in ensuring a memorable experience without breaking the bank.

By prioritizing budget-friendly accommodations and dining options, college students can make the most of their spring break trip without compromising on fun or experiences. You can cut costs here and there by keeping a few gems in mind. Always remember, a little goes a long way.

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Utilize User Generated Content

If you enjoy creating content, see if brands in the destination you’re traveling to are willing to provide you with free services (and hopefully payment) in exchange for content. Did you find a cute hotel? Make a deal to create reels that capture your experience for a free night. Did you find a restaurant you want to try? Ask if you can take photos and videos in exchange for a free meal. Utilize your skills to offset costs!

There’s Food At Home

Book a family-size room, which usually comes with a full kitchen, and stock the fridge before you begin festivities. The key is turning cooking with your friends into an experience instead of seeing it as a “way to save money.” For example, you can make one night’s theme, “pizza and presentations.” All of your friends can make pizza, and while eating, you can each present updates, goals, and ways to support one another. It makes for a sentimental bonding night that keeps cash in your pocket.

Take Advantage Of Loyalty Programs

Do you know the feeling of a family member surprisingly sending you money, and it felt like it came at the perfect time? That’s exactly how you’ll feel if you save your rewards for when you’re on vacation. If you earned a free sandwich at Chick-fil-A or a free coffee at Dunkin Donuts, wait to redeem it during the trip. That’s one less meal you have to worry about spending cash on. 

Also, utilize hotel rewards programs. Your stay or other amenities that would cost money, like WiFi or snacks, could be discounted or free during the trip. The trick is always booking your hotel within a conglomerate to accumulate points. Whether taking a weekend trip or a tropical vacation, stay at hotels under the same brand. Take IHG, for example. The conglomerate contains 19  brands that share the same rewards program. Whether you stay at a Holiday Inn or a Crowne Plaza, you’ll get the points since they’re all a part of the IHG program. This means more opportunities for costless or reduced-priced perks to take advantage of while at your destination.

Attend Free or Low-Cost Events

Check for free or inexpensive festivals, government-sponsored programs, or landmarks. For example, a city may be hosting a restaurant week, during which visitors can receive discounted food and drinks at participating restaurants. Look at Eventbrite or the city’s website, which will provide a calendar of events. You can also look for beaches or parks that are free and open to the public. These are great ways to learn about local attractions and save coins.

When you prepare in advance, there are ample ways to cut costs. Don’t allow low funds to stop you from having the time of your life! It’s the perfect opportunity to get creative, which Zillennials do well. If you’re looking for more ways to save on your Spring Break Trip, search the hashtag #travelonabudget on TikTok for cool ideas. 

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