Discussions To Have Before Your Next Girls Trip

Consider these factors before booking your flights

Travel season is finally approaching, so the next girls’ trip is on the horizon. The ladies have been sending “Things To Do” TikToks to tropical destinations all year, and now is the time to plan the vacation of a lifetime. Out of eagerness and excitement, you may want to add everyone you’re close with to a group chat to finalize details, but our warning is, don’t be too hasty! Every vacation may not be for every friend.

We’ve seen the horror stories of friendships ending after trips (queue Miami Girls Trip Breakup Vlogs), and we don’t want that to be your friend group. Though fate cannot be controlled, there are some factors you can consider to prevent a disastrous vacation. 

Who’s All Going?

Invite people familiar with each other or with similar personalities to limit clashing and arguments as much as possible. People make the trip worthwhile, so you want everyone to feel comfortable being themselves. Even if the plans and agenda fail, ladies who find enjoyment in each other can make anything fun! The friend group’s synergy is essential to creating a rewarding vacation.

That’s why you should carefully consider the number of ladies invited. The more people you ask, the more difficult it is to create that synergy. Adding more women means adding personalities and preferences. The goal is to prevent as many disagreements and disputes as possible because tension creates divides and ruins everyone’s vacation.

What Are The Housing Accommodations?

After you know who’s attending, decide the type of housing you’re staying at. It’s one of the most controversial decisions you’ll have to make because it affects your budget, which activities you can afford, and the overall experience you’ll have. It’s usually resort girls vs. Airbnb girls vs hostel girls.

Some friends enjoy the luxury of resorts – staff, cleaning systems and complementary features like transportation and drinks. There’s also a safety component that should be acknowledged. Others prefer the cut of amenities for the cut of the price, so they suggest Airbnbs. Hostels are for those who want to feel like a local and be engulfed in the travel destination experience. Once you decide on this, you’ll better understand the trip’s vibe, including nonnegotiables. There’s now a benchmark.

What’s The Budget?

Everyone attending needs to agree on how much the trip will cost. You don’t want a perfectly strategized group of attendees that don’t have the same budget. If some friends can spend more than others, their trip expectations will differ. That results in girls either being excluded from activities or bitter because they didn’t participate in everything they could’ve. Everyone’s presumptions of the trip will be the same if there’s a set budget.

With that being said, don’t money shame. Always consider how the economy is affecting people and the life stages everyone is at. An invite to a girl’s trip usually comes with an unhealthy amount of internal pressure to attend. Therefore, if ladies sacrifice to go, find a middle ground. Discuss what’s most important for everyone and prioritize that within the budget and agenda. Have “extras” that your friends can participate in if they want to. Whatever is mandatory should be agreed on by those confirmed and included in the trip’s final cost. That’s why who you’re inviting is so important: finding a medium with fewer people who think the same is easier.

What Are The Excursions and Activities?

Are you relaxing? Exploring? Or both? Everyone defines vacation differently; therefore, detail what kind of vacation it is. Some friends may expect to rest and rejuvenate poolside, while others want to hike, zipline, and horseback ride all day. Everyone should be on one accord.

Also, remember that tolerance levels in adults shift over time. Your friend who once enjoyed clubs and partying to the crack of dawn may now enjoy cleaning and watching Netflix with her dog. People change, along with their interests and what they find enjoyable. Therefore, consider who your attendees are now, not who they once were. This will allow you to gauge expectations and interests. When you’ve known people for so long, it’s easy to assume they’ll enjoy a particular activity when that’s no longer true.

We can already feel it – this will be the best girl’s trip ever! Once you consider the factors detailed above, you’ll be on track to having an unforgettable time.

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