T’Keyah Crystal Keymáh Will Return As Tanya Baxter On ‘Raven’s Home’

Keymáh portrayed Raven’s hilarious, loving mother, on ‘That’s So Raven.’ She left the series to care for her ailing grandmother.

Over 15 years after exiting Disney’s That’s So Raven, veteran actress T’Keyah Crystal Keymáh will reprise her role as Raven’s mother, Tanya Baxter, on Raven’s Home. She will appear in the season five finale in celebration of her T.V. husband, Victor Baxter’s, 60th birthday.

Entertainment Tonight broke the news.

Keymáh is also known for being one of the original cast members of Fox’s In Living Color. She played various comedic characters on the sketch show for five seasons.

That’s So Raven began in 2003 and ran until 2007. It starred Raven-Symoné as the psychic title character whose supernatural ability led to all kinds of hijinks. In 2016, AV Club reported it was the highest-rated series in Disney Channel’s history.

Raven’s Home follows Raven, a divorced mother of twins, Booker and Nia. Like his mom, Booker is psychic and keeps it hidden from the world beyond his loved ones.

Anneliese van der Pol, who was Raven’s best friend, Chelsea, on the original show, has picked up her role in the spinoff as well. Rondell Sheridan, who fans will remember as Raven’s father, Victor Baxter, has a big role, too. He’s still a restauranteur and devoted father.

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As we shared, Keymáh portrayed Raven’s hilarious, loving mother, Tanya. She left the series to care for her ailing grandmother.

In May, Symoné alluded to her T.V. mom appearing on Raven’s Home, saying to Entertainment Tonight, “T’Keyah and I still have a lovely relationship. We talk enough to know that we’re still in each other’s lives. There’s a call out to her as well..and Tanya Baxter is still in England. She is living her full life as a lawyer and she sends money home, so thanks Mom! How do you think we have this big house in San Francisco? Off a restaurant? I don’t think so!”

We can’t wait to see Raven, Tayna and Victor together again!

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