Crayola’s Newest Crayon Set Will Feature A Wider Range Of Skin Tones

We love to see it.

When you were a kid, which color did you use to represent your flesh tone? Likely brown, orange or yellow. If you were using crayons, the multicultural 8-pack offered a few more options, but there was still room for brown and darkskinned kids to feel left out. With their newest “Colors of the World” 24-pack, Crayola is making sure this generation of children doesn’t experience that.

“We are excited to introduce our new line of crayons, Colors of the World, available now for pre-order,” Crayola wrote on Instagram this afternoon. The company worked with Victor Casale, one of the beauty entrepreneurs/chemists behind M.A.C. cosmetics, on the line. Together, they “[created] 24 new specially formulated crayons representing more than 40 global skin tones.”

The shades are based on three central shades—rose, golden and almond—and each shade has eight variations A few of the new colors are: deepest almond, extra deep golden, extra deep almond, and medium deep golden.

Thank you for seeing us, Crayola.

The set is available for pre-order here.

Photo credit: Good Morning America/Brooklyn White

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