The New JEOFROI Collection Symbolizes Elegance

From patterns to materials– every touch has sentimental value

The new collection for JEOFROI includes statement pieces made for a woman who commands a room immediately. As Girls United toured their gallery, conversing with the dynamic duo Jeffrey Taylor and Roy Carey, founders of JEOFROI, they revealed that their mothers are first ladies- one a politician and the other a pastor’s wife inspiring the Volume Four lookbook. 

The inspiration stemmed from watching them begin their beauty rituals in the morning, from putting curlers in their hair to standing in front of crowds and presenting themselves. The articles of clothing contributed to the transformation of making them ready to be the center of attention and influenced their fashion. 

They’ve witnessed firsthand the shift in character, mood, and confidence when putting on a striking outfit, and that’s what they want the world to experience when trying on their clothing. In typical first-lady fashion, you’ll notice a combination of ruffles, rhinestones, satin, and flowers throughout their designs. The duo walked us through their latest collection, Volume Four. Here are some of our favorites. 

Melted Flora

The Melted Flora is inspired by dreams that make you feel strong and bold. Various types of flowers in pastel colors start as recognizable, and then slowly, the design fades into a mixture of colors, likening blended paint to a palette. The design beautifully personifies the human experience of reflecting on your dreams in an attempt to embrace them. 

The Dream Dress

This dress likens the personality of the notorious first lady, Princess Diana. The elegant, baby blue, figure-hugging, long gown is met with full white ruffles at the top, which outline your bust. It’s traditional with a bold twist until you turn around. The back is cut out with a high slit, showcasing a risque side to whoever wears it- similar to the persona of Princess Diana. 

Sequin Waterfall Gown

The wearer’s royalty cannot be questioned in this statement dress. This pink, fitted silk gown transitions into a lengthy sequence train that engulfs at least three feet of the ground. The tail is uniquely crafted to flow from a downward pocket of the abdominal area, just like its name, a waterfall. All eyes would have to be on you as you glow from the material of this dress. 

Embellished Mini Frock

This ensemble is a modern spin on a staple look. The design is similar to a ballerina’s leotard and tutu. The leotard is blush pink, embellished with pink and purple sequins and rhinestones that are carefully placed to create the shape of flowers. The top of the bodysuit has a built-in corset at the bust, which connects to a shawl that covers the shoulders and top of the back. The architecture of the outfit chisels the chest area, accentuating it. Traditionally, ballerinas are encouraged to cover that area to not distract from their performance. Still, in true JEOFROI fashion, they’ve gone against the grain of traditional looks so that their customer is the center of attention. 

Corseted Peplum With Emb. Yolk

This piece is a spin on the most notorious first lady look- a design incorporating peplum. The first half of this outfit is a white, fitted-corset, satin peplum top. The bust area is cut out and replaced with embellished sheer that extends backward, then wraps around the arms, creating sleeves. On the bottom half, instead of a traditional pantsuit, they connected embellished sheer trousers from the waist down that match the material of the bust and sleeves. 

It’s hard not to unlock new confidence in their clothing. Regardless of the aspiration, as folks are headed toward their definition of success, they want them to feel unstoppable and purposeful in JEOFROI designs.

Photo Courtesy of Jeofroi

About the author: Shelby Denise Smith is a full-time Social Media Editor and part-time Freelance Writer. She loves writing about news, wellness, and beauty and hosting impactful conversations with influencers and experts on those subjects.

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