New Gadgets To Add To Your Cart According To Tik Tok

Which items are you snagging?

Even though we made a few New Year resolutions to not overspend, sometimes we need to splurge on gadgets we may need for the house. TikTok has grown into a place where the newest tech items are easy to find. From electronic mops to cute at-home pieces that can add an easier flow to your everyday routine.

As we embark on 2024, your must-have list has probably grown within the first month as you analyze what cleaning item or tech gadget is needed around the house, and we’ve got you covered. Looking for something to clean all your devices? Check. Need that trendy new towel warmer? No worries, we’ve rallied up some of our cart-worthy items to prep for a successful new year.

NIIMBOT B21 Label Maker $66

For those who enjoy the small details around the house whether it’s labels for your kitchen items or making special notes. This label maker adds that unique personal touch to anything you customize.


In my “home finds” list or DM me C658 for 🔗! This little retro printer makes label making sooo fun and easy!!!!😍😍😍 It’s available in beige and black! Linking them both! Mine came with labels, but I’m also linking the extra labels I bought too!!! Soooo happy you’re here!!! #amazonhome #amazonlabelmaker #amazonhomegadgets #amazongadgets2024 #amazonhomefinds

♬ New Home – Frozen Silence

Electronic Cleaner Kit $12

If you’re looking to kick off Q1 on a good note the first step is to give all of your beloved electronics a refresh. The Electronic cleaner kit allows for seven different ways to spruce up all your precious tech finds as you gear up for a new year.


7-in-1 Electronic Cleaner Kit beli sini 👆👆👆 Pembersih Barangan Elektronik, papan kekunci, telefon bimbit, earphone semua boleh pakai #electronic #cleaner #cleanerkit #brush #keyboard #phone #clean #cleaninghacks #cleaningasmr #asmr #cleaningtools #viral #fyp #foryou #tiktok

♬ 1 second count / when button pressed / time signal 23(1117365) – QUESS

Airpods Earbuds Cleaning Kit $6

Yes, it can be hard to not always use your AirPods, but that doesn’t mean the headphones don’t deserve grooming too. The Airpod cleaning kit allows you to get in all of the small, hard-to-reach places and removes any buildup or residue.

FLYHIT Luxury Towel Warmers for Bathroom $80

Towel warmers have become a game changer on TikTok. As you step out of the shower, you can have a warm towel ready for you at any given moment, maximizing your at-home luxury experience.


✨Always saving on as much as possible, so I can afford to splurge and treat myself ❤️❤️😁 Also, this towel warmer is amazing and 100% worth it!! #affordableluxury #affordablelifestyle #saving #mindset #frugal #diy #amazonfinds #frugalwhereitcounts

♬ Stardust – Glenn Miller

Mifaso Wall Outlet Extender $14

With many people working from home, the outlets can get pretty crowded thanks to the various devices we use during the workday. The wall outlet extender provides a neat and tidy space for all your gadgets without taking up different outlet spaces.

Fruit and Vegetable Purifier $10

The fruit and vegetable purifier grants you a new and uniform way to cleanse all of your produce and see actual results as you remove dirt and toxins from each item.

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