Real Talk: Let Lori Harvey Live, Okay?

Her life is hers, not yours.

On January 10, Lori Harvey shared pictures confirming her romance with actor Michael B. Jordan, who she’s been rumored to be dating for just under two months. Like clockwork, social media rushed to weigh in on the matter, allowing their boredom and misogyny to take the reins. At their core, the comments were nothing more than projections about how Harvey should be living.

First and foremost, Lori Harvey is a person. But online, people don’t allow her to be who she actually is—elaborate scenarios are created for her, based off of people’s personal experiences. Stereotypes about Black women, particularly our sexuality, are quite literally the basis of how we are perceived in America. But this trend of making women the mules of our own desire and disdain feels different, and it’s quite unfair.

We don’t actually know this young lady. People see pictures and try to piece together intentions and her entire personality from quick flashes on Instagram and Twitter. Fact and fiction become bound to one another when you don’t have the receipts.

Lori Harvey is neither the angel or devil on your shoulder. So, it’s not her job to uphold puritanical views. It’s also not her job to be the karmic badass of your dreams.

When it comes to Lori and her relationships, just let her be.

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