New International Artists To Add To Your Summer Roster

Check out the new kids on the block

There’s a special feeling when discovering a new international artist and watching them grow into a global superstar. Over the past few years, several international musicians have become trendsetters and game-changers, like Bad Bunny, Tems, Wizkid and Burna Boy. Now we’re ushering in a new class of artists taking over our timelines and creating the new summer soundtracks we’ll blast for years.

Watching many of these emerging artists start from the ground up to build their brands is a journey fans love being a part of, so we’re here to help you find new artists to add to your stan list.

Ayra Starr

The 20-year-old is adding her own flavor to the genre of Afrobeats, allowing a new audience to embrace the sounds of her culture through social media.


The South African pop star is bridging the gap between dance music and amapiano, meshing that international sound together.


Obongjayar is a Nigerian musical artist based in London who got his start in music through Soundcloud. Sharing his perspective of Afrobeats, soul and electronic music, he fuses the genres together into one sound that makes him unique.

Sara James

Sara James is a Polish and Nigerian artist that focuses on her exotic sounds and popular music, that creates virality through her TikTok and Instagram posts.


Raelle’s musical Inspiration stems from the sound of Janis Joplin and Amy Winehouse, bringing a raw element to her music and lyricism.

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