GU Jams: Inside The World Of Karrahbooo

The Atlanta native chats about her viral freestyle, tour and more.

Karrahbooo has created seismic ripples in the rap scene since her debut. Known for her breakthrough track, “Box the 40,” she swiftly became a sensation on TikTok, instantly capturing the platform’s favor. The 26-year-old is signed to Lil Yachty’s esteemed Concrete Boys crew, where her effortless yet composed flow shines through and is coupled with the intricacies in her lyrics. 

She compelled listeners to pause and admire her refreshing sound. The “Running Late” femcee describes her sound as “nonchalant.” She further explains, “I like when I sound like I’m really unbothered and just talking my sh-t.” Her lyrics fuel women and men alike to stand on business and exude confidence in themselves and their abilities. 

In an online clip, Karrahbooo, also known as Karrah Schuster, expressed her desire to become a rapper after realizing its multifaceted opportunities, inspired by watching Lil Yachty.

As a child, she dreamed of becoming an actress and saw making music as the perfect pathway into the film industry. Despite the crew initially not taking her aspiration seriously, she persisted in her goal. When Lil Yachty fired her as her assistant, she had ample free time, allowing her to create her first song.

Listeners quickly fell in love with Karrah’s tomboy swag and contagious laugh after she appeared in her first video interview, accompanied by the rest of the Concrete crew on Yachty’s and Mitch’s Podcast, A Safe Place.  Weeks following the podcast’s airing, viewers persisted in circulating clips of the artist, demonstrating an insatiable appetite for her content. 

Her effortless natural appearance captivates fans, diverging from the conventional high glam often associated with female artists. In December 2023, things started to change for the burgeoning artist. Popular YouTube series On The Radar tapped her and the rest of her crew for a freestyle cypher featuring all five artists, including Draft Day, DC2Trill, Camo and Lil Yachty

As the beat transitioned, her concluding verse in the cypher was a perfect outro that captivated listeners, craving more of her artistry.  “I was so excited. Everybody was going crazy for it,” she says. “Every app I opened, I heard it playing. It truly felt so good to know other people enjoy my craft just as much as I do.”

On Gangsta Grillz Radio, Karrahbooo joins Manni Supreme for a candid conversation about the impact of her fame. She shares that it’s been a mix of blessings, excitement, awkwardness, and discomfort. Nevertheless, she emphasizes that overall, she feels “happy.” She further expresses her preference for staying in the background and chilling. When the spotlight is directed on her, she admits to feeling uncomfortable.

Following the sold-out US leg of Lil Yatchy’s The Field Trip Tour, where the 26-year-old made her on-stage debut. “I try to mentally prepare by smoking and being with my friends backstage,” she tells GU. “I [don’t] think about the crowd too much so I won’t get anxious.” 

As the star gears up for the European leg of the tour, it’s safe to say that she’s more prepared than ever before. Most recently, the star graced her first New York Fashion Week, headlining two performances for NYFW after-parties. Attendance at a fashion week is considered a milestone in every artist’s career. The crowd during both shows was electric, singing along to every word the star uttered. She shares, “I loved performing in New York. I have many supporters out here, and they all showed up and showed out. I had fun, and hopefully everybody else did too.” 

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Karrahboo’s vibe brings a cool calm vibe to the overall female sound, almost as if you are talking to your friend. The year 2024 has already established itself as the era of female rap. Commencing in April, we eagerly anticipate the second leg of The Field Trip Tour and witnessing how crowds overseas enjoy the burgeoning star.

Photo Credits: @wtfckjay

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