Mea Culpa Taps Rappers Karrahbooo And Anycia For Their NYFW Party

The brand brought the entire city to kick off Fashion Week with a line stretching down the block.

After a successful debut at Paris Fashion Week, the viral streetwear brand Mea Culpa shut down some streets in New York, proving they’re a force to be reckoned with. Mea Culpa hosted a “For All The Girlies” party at Hotel Selina, just across from the NYFW headquarters, featuring rising artists Karrahbooo and Anycia to perform.

The brand persistently represents girls who revel in enjoyment, exude confidence, and proudly embrace their authentic selves. Karrahbooo and Anycia embody all the qualities synonymous with the Mea Culpa girl, rendering them ideal candidates to headline an entertaining evening.

Mea Culpa emerged in 2020 during the peak of the pandemic. Despite their relatively short existence of about four years, their logo beanies have firmly entrenched themselves in the hearts of consumers, eagerly anticipating each new release. Recently, the brand has diversified beyond hats, introducing dresses, baby tees, and a variety of other garments soon to hit the shelves.

Prior to the doors opening, guests lined up along the block, extending its length with anticipation. Partygoers quickly started to fill up the space,  oozing with hysteria.

Before the room reached its capacity, palpable tension and bubbling excitement permeated the atmosphere. “Despite all the chaos, the party was extremely fulfilling,” the founder of Mea Culpa, who wishes to remain unnamed, tells GU. “It was a humbling experience and surely exceeded my expectations.” 

Guests enjoyed drinks and danced the night away to DJ sets by Killsing, Zillions, Levar, and DJDJ while eagerly awaiting the upcoming performances. As attendees continued enjoying the event and the crowd outside swelled, Anycia and Karrahbooo slipped in through the side entrance, made a beeline downstairs, and took a minute to themselves as they awaited their grand entrance. 

Shortly after, Anycia and Karrahbooo rushed upstairs with their security and entourage trailing behind and hit the stage. The crowd surged forward, enveloping the front, sides, and every space in between.

Anycia started the performance with her breakout song, “BRB” followed by her new song with Latto, “Back Outside.” The stage overflowed with the crews of both artists, and the crowd’s energy pulsated like a racing heart.

Soon, Karrahbooo joined her to perform their duet “Splash Bros.” She soon took over and concluded the night with performances of “Box the 40,” “Running Late,” and “On the Radar Freestyle.”

Even with their considerable success, this marks just the dawn for the brand, Mea Culpa. Following their consecutive shutdowns of Paris and New York Fashion Week, it appears the brand holds the world at its fingertips, leaving us all eagerly anticipating their next move.

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