8 Herbal Teas You Can Drink To Reduce Stress

It’s time to relax, sis.

Tea is the key to relaxation.

We’re roughly one a year and a half into the COVID-19 pandemic, and people are pretty stressed to say the least. While it’s true that toilet paper and water aren’t as tough to come across as they were in 2020, we’re still enduring various struggles and doing our best to wade through it.

Some of us are having to juggle our personal lives and our workloads while working from home, which comes with its own stress. Some people don’t know when they’ll return to work, how they’ll pay their rent, or when they’ll be able to visit their loved ones. It’s been a tough several month, and we’re not exactly sure when this pandemic will be over. So, we’re looking for ways to unwind in the midst of this to assure that we’re taking care of ourselves. Drinking tea is one way to help.

Tea is not a new craze. It’s been around since 2750 B.C., and has since become the most popular beverage in the world, after water, course. People in various countries have flocked to the warm drink, and it has been lauded for its wide range of flavors and medicinal purposes.

Though drinking a hot cup of tea may seem like a minor act, certain teas actually have anxiety-lessening qualities that can affect your overall mood. After a cup, you’ll feel more relaxed, but in some cases, more alert. It’s easy to indulge in a ton of sugary juices and sodas, especially since we’re spending so much time in one place, and are inclined to eat and drink more. But tea is a simple healthy beverage and one that you’ll actually have time to prepare and enjoy.

We came up with a list of herbal teas that may help you center yourself during this time. Check it out below.


Also good for: freshening your breath, possibly relieving period cramps, and aiding digestion.


Also good for: boosting your immune system and aiding the health of your respiratory system.


Also good for: heart health and hormonal balance.


Also good for: possibly improving the quality of your sleep.


Also good for: reducing your blood sugar levels and inflammation.

Green Tea

Also good for: lowering your risk of heart disease.

Lemon Balm

Also good for: digestive health.


Also good for: helping with insomnia and mild pain relief.

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