2000s Fashion Is Officially Back In Style

And we’re not mad about it.

Say hello (again) to low-rise jeans, Baby Phat and all-glitter everything.

Stylist Ziggy Mack Johnson woke up feeling a bit nostalgic. “[I]’ts a new decade and I can’t wait to see how fashion moves forward but still repeats itself,” he wrote on Instagram to his 37,000 followers. Johnson isn’t the only one who’s reflecting heavily on fashion trends from the first bit of this millennium though. Young people all over have decided that styles that became popular in the early 2000s need a redo.

We’re leaving some of the untouchable parts, like tank tops over t-shirts and those Kool-Aid purses, but we’re bringing our favorite aspects with us as we charge into a new era.’

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Women in rap have gleefully participated in this resurgence. Saweetie, who also has a penchant for sampling music from the 2000’s, has been spotted in Billionaire Boys Club (Pharrell and Nigo’s clothing brand that emerged in 2003.) Also, for her 26th birthday, the “My Type” rapper wore a top that closely resembled Naeem Khan’s beaded butterfly piece, most famously worn by Mariah Carey in 2000.

Megan Thee Stallion’s style is a nod to the early aughts as well. Her former stylist, Todd White, spoke about this during an interview with BET, saying that he would create mood boards of 2000’s looks for the starlet. “Aaliyah, Kimora Lee Simmons, and Lil’ Kim” served as inspirations, he said. White also shared that he was influenced to create a “Hot Girl Shit” belt that was patterned after Beyonce’s “Bootylicious” belt.

Whether you hate it or you love it, fashion trends from the 2000s are back like they never left. Hold on to your bedazzled bandanas!

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