The $52,000 Charm Bracelet A$AP Rocky Gifted Rihanna May Give A Hint About Her Due Date

The rapper purchased an 18-carat gold and diamond bracelet for the mommy-to-be.

Since announcing her pregnancy in late January, Rihanna has blessed us with memorable – and already iconic – maternity looks. Recently, the beauty mogul and performer made a new addition to her jewelry collection. A$AP Rocky, her boyfriend, gifted her a unique and meaningful bracelet, which he bought a day before Rihanna’s 34th birthday last February. 

The 33-year-old rapper dropped by the Annouschka corner at Liberty department store in London and purchased an 18-carat gold and diamond bracelet valued at $51,991, according to People. The bracelet features ten charms, each symbolizing a facet of their relationship.

“He was so sweet and he was very specific that the charms had to be in the order that he had arranged them,” Annoushka Ducas, the founder of the British jewelry brand, told People. “He wanted to know how each one worked, because all my charms move and open and do what you might expect and he was bowled over by that — I just think it’s the most romantic gift.”

The rapper chose an evil eye for protection, a tulip to represent new life and a mermaid as a symbol of fertility. Rocky also picked a compass, which Ducas says he loved instantly. “He couldn’t believe it worked and of course that’s all about direction,” shared the brand founder.

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The 33-year-old also chose to add a green malachite lucky clover, a wild rose made with 111 blushed pink sapphires, a ruby and sapphire magic mushroom inspired by Alice in Wonderland, a gold bluebird locket featuring 153 stones including blue topaz, sapphire and black diamond and a gold love letter inside which can be added a small handwritten letter.

For the 10th charm, Rocky chose an emerald love locket. Emerald is the birthstone for May, which may be a hint at the couple’s baby due date. Rihanna recently shared in an interview with Elle that she’s currently in her third trimester.

“On the cusp of becoming a mummy, I can’t help feeling that some of those charms are to do with that,” Ducas told People. The jewelry designer hopes that the bracelet will stay in the family. “Charms are so much about heirlooms so I hope they will become little family heirlooms for them to pass on to their children to represent their love story — that’s what he’s done for her, it’s their love story in ten charms and although the charms are detachable, she’s wearing it exactly the way he gave it to her.”

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