BlackTag Releases New Film, ‘Black Art Is Black Money’

Starring Jalaiah Harmon, Sage Elsesser, and Parker Kit Hill.

The emerging platform BlackTag, founded by creative powerhouses Akin Adebowale and Ousman Sahko, has released its first project. Directed by the co-founders, the film “Black Art Is Black Money,” explores how Black thought has always been and continues to be a driver of popular culture, while acutely focusing on the ways Black artists have historically been robbed of the economic return for their work.

“Understanding our power is very fulfilling for me,” Adebowale tells ESSENCE. “There power in placing a bet on your own people.”

“Black Art Is Black Money” stars notable social influencers, including Jalaiah Harmon, Sage Elsesser and Parker Kit Hill. The film begins with a vulnerable conversation between the cast discussing instances of Black creativity spearheading global trends.

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“I think the purpose of this film was to send a message to our audience who are looking to reach Black audiences,” Sahko says. “The main message is that we are creating a platform that allows brands to contribute sustainably to Black culture. This is a space alternative Black artist and Black economic power must equate to Black creative power.”

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Officially launching later this year, Blacktag is a global interactive platform that is modernizing the way Black content is created and consumed. During its initial launch phase, Blacktag has raised nearly $4M from crowdfunding.

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