Beauty Experts Share Tips For Fall Skincare Prep

Transition your summer routine to fall with these recommendations.

As the season changes from summer to fall, it’s time to change those beauty and skincare rituals to match the cooler weather. While makeup was the centerpiece at Beautycon, skincare was also a highlight. Beauty brands such as Black Radiance, SKNMUSE and Ehoney made skincare wellness the focal point of conversations.

The skin needs extra TLC during these seasons with the temperature drop and humidity changes. Dryness, skin irritation and eczema are just a few examples of the extensive list of conditions that the skin is more likely to endure in the months ahead. However, making the proper adjustments can prevent these skin conditions from developing.

Revamp your skincare routine with advice from these beauty experiments just in time for fall and winter.

Keep The Skin Hydrated

Moisturizing the skin before makeup is the key to achieving a long-lasting, smooth base. Sean Garrette, a skincare esthetician, suggested starting with a gentle cleanser. “Don’t use one that will strip your skin too much because you don’t want to replenish your skin on an already dehydrated barrier,” Garrette told GU. “Pair it with a hydrating serum and seal those products with moisture.” He said to be cautious of products with high alcohol concentrations that dry out the skin. Instead, look for cetyl alcohol, a fatty, moisturizing alcohol.

Garrette’s final skincare advice: “Start with a moisturizer. Even if you have oily skin, you don’t want to skip that,” Garrette said. “Look for one [moisturizer] that’s lightweight, water and gel-based to get that hydration and moisture without being overly oil.”

Garrette’s go-to hydrating products are Dior’s La Mousse OFF/ON Foaming Cleanser and epi.logic Master Plan Serum.

Practice Double Cleansing

Makeup artist Aniya Nandy advised incorporating double cleansing in skincare routines. “Makeup starts with skincare,” Nandy said. “Makeup will only do so much; it’s more about the groundwork of doing your skincare.”

Double cleansing is washing the face twice with an oil and then a water-based cleanser. The benefits of double cleansing are that it helps remove excess oil and makeup and allows other products (serums, moisturizers, etc.) to melt into the skin.

Prep With A Non-Clogging Facial Oil

Non-comedogenic or non-clogging oils nourish the skin and prevent unwanted breakouts by not clogging pores. Erika Clark, founder and CEO of Ehoney Skin, said these facial oils provide more hydration.

Ehoney Skin is a skincare and beauty brand based on skin color research for people of all skin tones. While studying at Hampton University as a Pre-Med student, Clark developed a passion for skincare after experimenting with research and remedies that helped heal her breakout struggles. Her discoveries led her to launch E-honey with products formulated specifically for Black and brown skin to target acne, dry skin, scarring, hyperpigmentation and many more skin conditions. 

Clark recommended Ehoney’s Glow Oil as a pre-makeup primer and moisture that gives a natural, healthy glow. “Combining two or three drops with your facial moisturizer will help provide deeper penetration for greater hydration,” Clark said.

Incorporate A Primer And Toner

Priming beforehand contributes to an improved finish look that enhances the makeup application process. “You want to put a primer on first so that the color goes on evenly, smoothly, and lasts longer,” said Black Radiance’s brand marketing manager, Sherry West.

West mentioned following up with a toner for an even face canvas for makeup.

Nourish The Skin

Doubling up on moisture and hydration is what Ezinne Iroanya, CEO of luxury beauty brand SKNMUSE, suggested to feed the skin. “You want to buy something that keeps the skin nourished,” Iroanya said. “For winter, I use a body butter base and body oil on top to seal everything in.”

 The CEO’s rule for beauty is to do what makes a person comfortable. “Do what you can consistently sustain,” the CEO said. “Don’t look at what others are doing… ‘What does your skin need, desire, or hair need?’ Do what fits your glove and focus on you and your routine.”

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