Download These Apps Created By Black Developers

The future of app development is both innovative and representative of the Black community.

The generation that grew up alongside various tech apps is now entering adulthood. While numerous entrepreneurs still adhere to traditional brick-and-mortar product manufacturing methods, many others are testing their computing skills, creating software that can only be utilized through our electronic devices. 

With the exponential rise in screen time and the constant influx of new devices, developing applications that offer enjoyable interaction or streamline daily tasks for users remains crucial. GU has compiled a selection of apps developed by Black creators that are worth adding to your lifestyle.

Equity Ahead 

The 21st century has already proven itself in taking notes from our ancestors and continues to push the envelope of change. The Equity Ahead app created by Tyne Dickenson helps the planning process for peaceful protests and public demonstrations. You can participate as an event organizer seeking assistance in organizing a rally, an activist seeking to engage in a movement, or a service provider offering your services for emergencies during the demonstration.

Posh VIP 

Posh VIP is the hottest ticketing and brand experiences platform yet. Recent NYU graduates Eli Taylor-Lemeire and Avant Price created an ecosystem with over 1 million eventgoers, creators, and organizers scaling some of the innovative experiences on the market. Be sure to download it to find events in your area or to organize your following function. 


Finding your career path can be challenging, especially in today’s job market. Creators Kayla Michele, Chisa Egbelu, Sayyid Ali, and Vivek created PeduL to make discovering and applying opportunities entertaining and more accessible than ever before. They tailor job listings specifically for you, create concise clips detailing each task, and securely store your details for easy application with just a few clicks.


Developed by Sofia Ongele, the Redawn app empowers survivors of sexual assault by providing four essential features. First, “Dawn” answers any questions users may have about sexual assault. Next, “Map” helps users locate health and crisis centers nearby. “Reporting” allows users to document incidents and choose to involve law enforcement. Lastly, “Hotlines” provides access to additional support, emphasizing that Redawn is not the final destination, and contacting a hotline is encouraged.


Kickstroid was ideated by self-proclaimed sneakerheads David Alston and Nicco Adams during their time at the University of Illinois. Using Artificial intelligence (AI) technology to help sneaker fanatics track shoe prices on the resale market. Next time you want to cop new kicks, check out Kickstroid first to ensure you get the best market price. 


Edlyft is an all-in-one platform that allows companies to onboard their incoming interns in an engaging manner that is optimal for all users. This platform will enable engineers to learn skills essential for their jobs that were not taught in college. Established by Erika Hairston in 2019, it has been dedicated to serving the community ever since.

Official Black Wall Street

The founder and developer, Mandy Bowman, once maintained a continuous spreadsheet of all the Black-owned businesses in her vicinity. Eventually, she decided to transform her findings into an app. Official Black Wall Street (OBWS) has thousands of black-owned businesses in all industries, making it easier to shop black. 

Black: News + Culture 

Self-taught coder Adam Taylor created Black: News + Culture to share black experiences through a more concentrated viewpoint. Taylor grew tired of the frequent microaggressions throughout his life and knew he needed a safe space for all black people. As a result, he developed Black: News + Culture, a platform where Black individuals can share their untold stories and shared experiences.


Cheb is a social network for all sneaker lovers. Through their app, you can connect and share your passion with other individuals globally. They aim to create an inclusive community where individuals can collaborate and contribute to the collective success of the sneaker movement. This platform was founded by Darian Duah and developed by Ademide Kosko

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