Aliyahsinterlude Shares How To Make Your Outfit Aliyahcore

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Aliyah Bah, also known as Aliyahsinterlude on all social platforms, has taken the social media realm by storm with her fashion trend, Aliyahcore. If you’ve seen Bah online, you know Aliyahcore is the Zillennials’ take on bright and futuristic fashion.

The trend has taken over TikTok and Instagram, giving the girls heavy fashion inspiration to spice up their looks. From Lizzo to Law Roach, everyone can’t take their eyes off Aliyahcore. Not only is the fashion trend making waves because of the eccentric look, but it also allows young Black girls to tap into their creativity.

“I know, as a dark-skinned Black woman, we don’t get these opportunities very often,” Bah tells GU. “I have a big responsibility to do my best at everything I do to show other dark-skinned Black girls that this is possible, and you just have to find your own lane.”

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Fishnet Stockings $10

Though the fishnets are used for the legs, when styling for Aliyahcore, they become multipurposeful. You can stack as many as you’d like and wear them in different colors to make your look pop.

Garter $20

A garter around the legs adds a subtle yet sexy look to your fit as it accentuates the legs. You can have fun with the accessories around the garter to have your own flair for the ensemble.

Fur Jacket $60

Since we’re in the midst of fall, the colder edition of Aliyahcore calls for a fur jacket. The fur elevates your fit and brings a new vibe to the fall and winter editions of the fashion trend.

Earmuffs $14

If you’ve seen Aliyah on the timeline, earmuffs are the standout accessory that everyone always notices. Earmuffs are the sprinkle of fun that your fit needs to bring out the Gen Z in your look.

Boots $165

The key to wrapping up your Aliyahcore look is the boots; it keeps the eye high fashion even if the shoes are not expensive.

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