Black-Owned Flower Shops To Support On Valentine’s Day

Show your love and appreciation with a custom bouquet.

Valentine’s Day, a celebration of love and affection, offers an opportunity to support black-owned flower shops while conveying your heartfelt sentiments. Amidst the traditional exchange of flowers, chocolates, and cards, this is the perfect time to acknowledge and uplift Black-owned businesses. Not only are you adding a special touch to your Valentine’s Day experience, but you’re also contributing to the growth and exposure of the community with support.

Flowers are the perfect gift to show your appreciation and love. From a spontaneous, I love you gift to celebrating your friends for the love season. Their vibrant colors, delicate petals, and enchanting fragrances prompt for anyone who receives a bouquet to gush over the flattering gesture. of romance and passion, capturing the essence of the occasion.

Whether it’s a definitive bouquet of red roses, symbolizing deep love and desire, or a whimsical display of mixed blooms, each flower carries its own significance, allowing individuals to express their feelings meaningfully and heartfeltly. This Valentine’s Day, let your gestures of love extend beyond romantic relationships by supporting Black-owned flower shops and embracing the opportunity to positively impact your community.


Created by two best friends Rugie Jalloh & Effie Cudjoe, the New York-based flower shop has custom bouquets that embody special moments like Valentine’s Day. The name symbolizes flourishing again. Whether it’s through romance or friendship, each display has a special touch for anyone who wants a new arrangement.

Petals By Tbd

If you’re looking for a luxurious bundle of the most vibrant and colorful flowers, then this Philadelphia shop should spark your interest. With an aesthetically pleasing look, each petal makes for a photo-worthy moment during love season.

Full Bloom By Lauren

Lauren Hill’s floral journey started when she saw the desire to make others feel comfortable. Flowers became an outlet to provide ease for those around her. Whether you are looking for a surprise addition on a dinner date or sending them to a secret admirer, you’ll be prepared.

Lee’s Flower & Card Shop DC

Lee’s Flower and Card Shop Inc. is a family-owned full-service flower shop that’s held historic community impact for over 75 years. Founded by William and Winnifred Lee in 1945, the shop represents a safe space for people to express their love and gratitude with custom notes and flowers for any occasion.

Southside Blooms

Find your dream farm-to-vase florist in Chicago at Southside Blooms. This flower shop provides unique and fashion-forward arrangements while maintaining a dedication to nature’s integrity and the environmental awareness’s community impact.

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