This Black Woman Broke Down President Trump’s Potential Impeachment

It’s funny, and most importantly, accurate.

Have you ever felt stumped by politics? Like you knew some dates and key players, but you couldn’t exactly give a thorough breakdown of the events? Well, Houston-based law student and blogger Elayne MeShell is here for you.

Earlier this month, MeShell took to Facebook to educate the masses on a serious political happening. She realized that President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial was a bit “juicy,” so she decided to break it down so it could be easily understood. Her analysis, which was concise and comical, was complete with emojis and millennial slang. “The United States is the GOAT in the world stage, Jordan game type stuff. And, we have shooters on go ALL over the world for anyone who want these problems,” she wrote.

MeShell’s rundown made it to Twitter and soon went viral, racking up over 50,000 likes. One commenter noted that they wished annotations like MeShell’s existed so that more people could join in on political conversations. In 2016, Washington Post contributor Ilya Sumin blamed political ignorance as the one of the reasons why President Trump was given credence in the first place.

Senators will be voting to remove President Trump this week. If 67 senators vote against him, he’s out. Though there are a multitude of claims against him, the primary issue one that Trump allegedly asked Ukraine to find evidence that would discredit Joe Biden during his 2020 presidential campaign. MeShell outlined this during her examination, writing, “In the 2016 election, when Trump was running for president he reached out to Russia (the damn opps) to get them to interfere with the election. BOOM – Hilary Clinton email scandal…And NOW, he’s trying to do the same thing this go round. But instead of undercutting Clinton, he tried it with our boy Joe…So basically, our president used his political power for PERSONAL reasons.”

Hopefully, MeShell will keep breaking politics down for us.

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