Trend Alert: Island Nails Are Filling The Feed

Is this a sign that everyone needs a vacation?

Getting your nails done has evolved from simple monochromatic manicures to the beloved 90s designs. Today, there have been many trends our nail techs have seen and replicated, from 2022’s crazy abstracts to 2023’s colorful aura art. In 2024, Island Nails, that’s what we’re calling it, has everyone yearning for a vacay near the water with flowers in their hair. Surpassing the spring season, these nails are ready for the summertime, bikinis, and many nail-fies.

A recent trip to the Laq Lab prompted this editor to test the trend, which is most likely here to stay. Inspired by an Instagram photo from @alexiaxnails, Laq Lab nail tech Isabella worked her magic on the recreation. Plus, adding a 3D replica is the finishing touch to dive into the trend truly. From canary yellows to sandy pinks, these vacation-inspired sets will be the prototype for your next nail appointment.

Scroll to GU’s top Island Nail designs to show your nail tech. We’re only three days into April, so a fresh set is rising.

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