The Sales Rack: Discounted Fashion Finds Of The Week

Shop these fashion forward pieces sourced from Chet Lo, Louisa Ballou, and Nike, Pretty Little Thing and more.

Have you ever wanted to go through the sales rack, but it’s bombarded with hundreds of pages online or a mess in-store? We all love a good deal when it’s easier to shop. This year, Girls United introduces The Sales Rack. We source the best fashion finds of the week while you add them to the cart.

This week, we’ve found substantial designer deals from vacation-coded Louisa Ballou to Y2K spiked brand Chet Lo. A few workwear pieces come into play from ASOS, Nike, and Boohoo for those returning to the office that are all super easy to style with accessories and coats.

Whether you’re aiming to redo your wardrobe or looking for a seasonal refresh, step into the year with these affordable fashion finds of the week.

ASOS Noisy May one Shoulder Maxi, $31 (-60%)


It might be chilly temperatures now, but this dress is perfect for that transition into spring. The lightweight maxi is a simple monochromatic black, which makes it easy to style through shoes and accessories. Plus, the one shoulder and leg slit will keep you a bit warmer in the right areas. 

Nike Court Vision Low Sneakers, $40 (-50%)


Whether you’re heading back to the office or looking for an everyday shoe for your streetwear fits, this sneaker is perfect. Simplistic with a minimal design on the Nike logo, these runners will match anything. 

Pretty Little Thing Structured Snatch Ribbed Long Sleeve Crop Top $22 (-42%)


If becoming a gym-fluencer was one of your goals for 2024, this set by PLT is a must-have. The ribbed look accentuates any body type, and let’s be honest, we love a good neutral look. Shop the matching leggings, which are 53% off here

PLT Label Mustard Strap Detail Straight Leg Pants, $15 (-80%)


In 2024, we’re elevating our workwear. These straight-leg trousers from Pretty Little Thing are the perfect Tuesday piece for the office. Still leaning toward mini mastic, the scrappy detail and mustard dye make these statement pants easy to wear. Add a white blouse and favorite shoes, and you’re out the door. 

Louisa Ballou Floral Print Mesh T-Shirt, $57 (-70%)


A deal on this vacay-esque brand is always a steal. At a 70% discount, the trip-tone design mixed with unique florals will make the Louisa Ballou top an instant staple for the summer, from vacations to a Caribbean party in Brooklyn. 

Chet Lo Spike Textured Long Sleeve Top, $199 (-60%)


You’ll love the Chet Lo brand if you love the outfits Jordyn and Jodie Woods wore on the GU Cover. Known for its spiked sheer look, you can snag your piece at a significant discount. With 60% off, this top adds dimension to your nighttime look with the intricate detailing. 

BDG Sasha Spliced Denim Maxi Skirt, $80 (-27%)


The spliced detail is what we saw heavily last fall, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. Denim maxis are a staple for the autumn season, so stock up with this BDG variation with peek-a-boo’s of varied plaids towards the bottom. The silhouette is a must-alone. 

Boohoo Flannel Shoulder Wool Look Coat, $41 (-55%)


Don’t get caught in freezing weather. This black and white flannel coat by Boohoo is just what you need to stay warm to and from work. Layer a hoodie underneath for a streetwear touch; with its large front pocket, you won’t need a purse!

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