Teen Movies With A Y2K Vibe To Binge Watch This Month

Discover some new age content that offers that same nostalgic aesthetic.

Nostalgia content is entering a new chapter in the digital era, especially with new-age teen films that take a Y2K approach. With the rise of Gen Z’ers becoming the target demographic, studios and directors are making films to tap into the classic teen vibe that resonates and provides authenticity.

Movies like Mean Girls, Bring It On and 13 Going On 30 became staple films in many teens coming of age stories. Now that Zillennials are getting older and Gen Alpha is coming into their tween years, they are discovering some new age content that offers that same nostalgic aesthetic.

With time evolving, filmmakers realize the importance of showcasing characters from various backgrounds and how to make Zillennials feel seen. They are now creating a new following of dedicated moviegoers by featuring a more inclusive cast of characters and adding the fun back into films.

Whether exploring themes of, family dynamics, or coming-of-age struggles, these films offer a more nuanced and relatable depiction of the teenage experience, resonating with audiences who crave authenticity and genuine human connection. Watch these flicks to explore new opportunities and challenges, addressing issues surrounding the state of teen classics.

Do Revenge

When her sex tape gets leaked by her boyfriend Drea and the new exchange student Eleanor finds a horrible rumor about herself the two team up to cause chaos on school grounds. Do Revenge carries the odd pairing recipe for this high school drama while also stirring the pot and getting to the truth.

Bodies Bodies Bodies

After being stuck in a mansion after a hectic storm, a group of friends find themselves searching for a killer inside the house. A classic Whodunit formula is just what new scary and thriller franchises need to get the attention of Ziillennials, and Bodies Bodies Bodies takes that nostalgic approach with the teen horror aesthetic.

Mean Girls The Musical

We all know the cult classic that is Mean Girls, so it only made sense to revamp the film with the musical adaptation. For many teen films, a musical aspect is extremely important. With catchy songs and dance numbers, Mean Girls The Musical brings a fresh perspective and reimagined approach to the beloved 2004 film.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Lara Jean started her journey of writing several letters to her crushes without sending them. Still, each letter entered the hands of the boys she wrote them for and started a coming-of-age journey like no other. As she dates and finds herself, she always has a little room for new love and romance in school.


Barbie offers a fun perspective of what goes through the minds of women and teen girls no matter what year. The film channels a reminiscent formula that used to pull on our heartstrings and give us some laughs in between.


With the classic agenda of trying to meet girls, PJ and Josie create their own fight club in school to meet their high school crushes and possibly lose their virginity. The ladies soon find themselves crushing on the most popular girls in school and have to maneuver a change in their dynamic.

About the Author: Kenyatta Victoria is the lead writer for Essence GU, working on all things pop culture, politics, entertainment and business. Throughout her time at GU, she’s garnered devoted readers and specializes in the Zillennial point of view.

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